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Another grea...

04/19/2010 More

Another great Phoenix Invitational

RESULTS RANDOM PHOTOS MOREVIDEOS PHOTOS by SMOTHERMAN IMAGES Sometimes we think that youth track & field is just about fast times and fast kids and if that's what you're looking for you would ...

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Naeem Turner...

04/07/2009 More

Naeem Turner at Phoenix Invitational

Naeem K. Turner-Bandele, a 13 year old Zionsville West Middle School honor student was among the 2,000 or so youth runners that participated in the 45th Annual Phoenix Invitational. The Phoenix I...

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42nd Annual ...

03/27/2006 More

42nd Annual Phoenix Invitational

Bob Flint and crew are making the way for young athletes to push it to the limit again this year at the 42nd Annual Phoenix Invitational.  USATF Youth Clubs from the southwest and point north ...

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