YR: So Zoe, what drives you to keep competing, it looks like you have been at it for awhile now?
ZM: My parents, my coaches and the great feeling I have when I win. I also want to be involved with sports as a career path when I am an adult.
YR: How did you decide on the field events?
ZM: My coaches have always helped me identify which events I would be best at.
YR: Did anyone inspire you towards the high jump?
ZM: No. It just seemed that with some help from good coaches, I was always good at this event.
YR: What is your best jump?
ZM: My best recorded jump is 4111/2 ... I did this jump almost 2 years ago at the State Jr. Olympic track meet.
YR: What about school, how are you doing there? What is your best subject?
ZM: I am doing very well right now in school ... all A's and Bs. My best subject is social studies ... I always get an A and it is pretty interesting. My favorite subject is Comp/Lit (English) because the teacher is cool and I like it. We are reading about Anne Frank and studying about the Holocaust right now.
YR: Do you think sports help you at school? With your learning processes?
ZM: Sure ... sports keep me pretty disciplined ... I guess I do what the teachers tell me to do the first time. Also, I get my work done so that my grades stay up and therefore I continue to qualify academically to play.
YR: What do you like to do off the track? Other sports, hobbies, interests, etc.?
ZM: BASKETBALL!!!!!!!!!! And finally I like to play BASKETBALL!!!!!!!!!!!! Sometimes I even hang out with my friends (shoot hoops) and go to the movies after which we shoot hoops. We love to go to regional tournaments to play BASKETBALL!!!!!!!!!! My favorite basketball player is Michael Jordan - but then again is there anybody who has ever been better? (we think she likes basketball)
YR: What are your lifetime goals?
ZM: Professional sports and to be a famous WNBA star! I feel pretty sure I am going to make it. Of course, the Olympic team would be nice too!
YR: Advice for other kids?
ZM: Stick to your dreams and keep working at what you want to do. Step by step it works.


  • Music: Oldies from the 60s, 70s and 80s and rap/hip-hop and R&B
  • Book: The Notebook
  • TV Show: The Simpson's and The Family Guy