This is Kenan at a recent cross country race in San Diego



Hello, everyone. Today I wanted to talk a little about nutrition and how important it is for your performance. Let’s be honest: It takes a lot of time and thought to eat healthy- especially those of us that are just starting or figuring out our way through high school. Athletics and academics dominate most of our time, and the last thing I ever want to worry about was what I was eating for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It's so much easier to grab anything to eat, disregarding ingredients and nutrition density.

For me, the choice to change my diet came from athletics. I wanted to take my running to the next level. Nutrition is a key part of being a successful athlete, as it directly affects your ability and performance.

When you are eating fruits, vegetable and whole grains, you are giving your body its preferred sources of fuel, so you are able to sustain your energy level for longer.

When you maintain a healthy diet, you are less likely to skip meals too. Studies have found that student who eat the most important meal of the day (breakfast) improve their concentration and problem-solving abilities, which can go a long way towards doing better on an upcoming algebra test.

Here are 3 ways my life has improved from health eating habits:


I originally started eating healthier in order to improve my athletic performance. My goal is to break the 14-year-old national record for the half marathon. Any by eating healthier, is gotten much easier to het my dietary needs for protein, fiber, carbs and vegetables.


While I knew eating healthier would provide energy I need for training, I didn’t expect it to increase my overall energy level. Before changing my diet, I felt tired from sunrise to sunset. Now I have more energy than I used to have.


When I was eating unhealthily, I actually feel kind of guilty after meals, which didn’t give me a positive attitude. But once I started to pay attention to what I was eating, all of that changed. I knew that what I was supposed to eat, and when I rate right, your guilt went away.

Being a teenager is tough for many reasons but eating healthy can help you feel more energized and have a better attitude for life.