Last Friday evening the New York USATF held their first ever awards banquet and honored some of the outstanding youth athletes of the year...and some elite athletes.



TRACK & FIELD - Athletes of the Year

Mary Cain (Open Women)

Lalonde Gordon (Open Men)

Thelma Wilson (Masters Women)

Peter Brady (Masters Men)


YOUTH CROSS COUNTRY - Athletes of the Year


Leilani Gibson (Girls)

Tamrat Gavenas (Boys)



Leilani Gibson (8 & under Girls)

Tamrat Gavenas (8 & under Boys) 

Ella Fajardo-Wilde (9-10 Girls)

Michael Rodriguez-King (9-10 Boys)

Lily Cohen (11-12 Girls)

Jonah Gorevic (11-12 Boys)

Sarah Flynn (13-14 Girls)

Sawyer Gwyn-Rowsom (13-14 Boys)

Maiya-Faye Foster-Daniels (15-16 Girls)

Keshaun Javois (15-16 Boys)

Kharyn Ethridge (17-18 Girls)

Max Dell-Thibodeau (17-18 Boys)


YOUTH TRACK & FIELD - Athletes of the Year


My'khiyah Williams (Girls Field Events)

Miguel Negrete (Boys Field Events)

Emily St Louis (Girls Track  Events)

Michael Rodriguez-King (Boys Track Events)



Kcaysha Medas-King (8 & under Girls)

Walter Barrows (8 & under Boys) 

Emily St Louis (9-10 Girls) 

Davin-Wayne Denny (9-10 Boys)

Lily Cohen (11-12 Girls)

Tahje Flemmings (11-12 Boys)

Keiana Mitchell (13-14 Girls)

Aron Cruickshank  (13-14 Boys)

Egypt Parker (15-16 Girls)

Ronaldo Griffiths (15-16 Boys)

Zola Golden  (17-18 Girls)

Trenten Beram  (17-18 Boys)