Wisconsin State Cross Country Champs

After the first meet of the year. Kimberly was ranked 1st in the state. It didn’t last long but it gave us hope. For the rest of the year we were ranked 3rd in the state. It’s not like we cared all that much. Last year, we were ranked 10th going into the state meet and finished 5th. So we knew it was a possibility to win.

Kimberly only lost one meet all year. It was the Janesville Midwest Classic. It was a huge meet. A team there was from Texas! But also Madison LaFollette was there. We took second behind them. That was mid-season and we knew we would not see them again until the state meet.

The weeks before the state meet we were still ranked 3rd. Madison LaFollette was still ranked 1st and West Bend West was ranked 2nd. Before the meet there was a poll on who would win. Madison LaFollette had the majority then a little to West Bend West. We weren’t even listed but in the “other” category only got 9% of the votes. Besides that fact, it's been a tradition that teams for the south side of the state win almost every year. And Kimberly was considered to be northern Wisconsin.

Going into the state we had very little expectations. Given that most people had little expectations of us too. We all wanted to podium so at least 2nd, but we didn’t care all that much. Our coach thought we could win. If we “showed up” we will win he said. That lifted our spirits a bit. Before the race, our girls team had a very bad race and finished quite poorly. So with that in the back of our minds, we really didn’t want to have too much of a depressing bus ride back so we wanted to at least finish average.

Throughout the race it was always close. LaFollette, Kimberly, and West Bend were all in it. Standing in front of the huge board no one knew who was going to win. Then 3rd came through and it said West Bend West. Everyone grew a little more anxious. 2nd flashed and it said Madison LaFollette and everybody just blew up. We had one. A dream that seemed so far off was now right in front of us.

Our top 5 ran amazing. Our 6 and 7 had very bad races but were quite optimistic and said they would rather have it been them than anyone else. We have called ourselves dark horses for some time now. The story behind it was that we were unexpected winners. It started many years back nobody really knows how (It is partly because we wear black uniforms). As a team we really lived up to our name. I have never liked it, but now that it is personal it really has a deeper meaning.