Sophomore High School Blogger Emma Smither #48

An experience that I thought about writing this week was when I realized that running was my sport:

Once I was watching a girl run who was extremely fast. I said to my friend, "How do people sprint the race? It's crazy, they’re crazy!" My friend laughed. At a home meet in eighth grade, I went up to the start line with horrible butterflies in my stomach. I'm the kind of person that gets terribly nervous before races, not throwing up nervous, but very nervous. The gun went off and I started very fast. I was about to slow down and then I thought, "Why don't I try and stick with this pace?" I remember seeing two different groups, the slower people who started to slow down and the faster people who pulled in front. I decided to try and stay with the fast group. Halfway through the race, I started getting tired, I had a side-ache, and that’s when the negative thoughts started to flow through my brain. This pain is familiar to every runner. I just kept running. I stayed with the fast girls. I pulled through the home stretch and finished. Our team killed it. We all placed top five; I placed fifth. I remember having that incredible feeling, all I knew is that I wanted to have the feeling again. I was one of those crazy people. From that day on I knew that running was my sport.