When my sample of Kracklin’ Kamut came, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I thought of it as one of the usual health snacks that often doesn’t  taste good, or if looked at carefully, isn’t that great for you. Kracklin’ Kamut is an organic, brand wheat snack, that’s made in Montana. Made with only three ingredients, this snack not only tastes good, but can fuel you for the rest of your day. It tastes almost like buttered popcorn, or corn nuts, but way healthier. Studies have proven that consuming grain wheat leads to an overall healthier diet and it is  full of fiber and protein. What I really like about this snack is that tastes super good, and I know it’s okay to eat before heading to practice. I asked some people to try it with me, and they thought Kracklin’ Kamut was delicious and couldn't believe it was a wheat snack. I recommend this product, and will soon be purchasing more.