If you were at the AAU VA Regional Qualifier this past weekend, this is probably a phrase that sounds familiar.  It is part of the Mustangs team motto.  "Work Hard!  Run Fast!  We are Mustangs!"


The Mustangs Track Club recently had 41 athletes qualify for the 2015 AAU Nationals (Junior Olympics) being held in Norfolk, Virginia.  

The Mustangs not only dominated in their individual performances, the athletes dominated in the relay events where they won several gold medals in record time. 

In 2012, the Mustangs Track Club was founded by Head Coach Raymond Gee and consisted of 16 kids in Manassas VA.  Since then, the Mustangs have grown to over 100 athletes in three locations.  

Head Coach Damian King has also been instrumental in helping to grow and advance the Mustangs Track Club over the years at the Culpeper, VA location.

The Mustangs are a premiere youth track program with locations in Manassas, VA, Culpeper, VA, and Fairfax, VA.  Their program goal is centered on citizenship, sportsmanship and giving back to our community.  The coaches train participants to become respectful, competitive hard working student athletes.

If you are headed to the AAU Junior Olympics this year, watch out for the Mustangs Track Club.  They are ready and more motivated as ever.  

Congratulations to all 41 athletes for their amazing accomplishments!

For more information about the Mustangs Track Club or how you can help the team cover their Junior Olympic costs, please visit:


These are the names of the 41 Athletes who advanced:


Daenah Pressley
Jeffery Johnson
Coen King
Aliza Murray
Sheldon Robinson
Chase Geter
Jynira Boxley
Ananda Daniel
Michael Geter
Xavier Terrell
Ashton King
Nia James 
Evan Thornton
Nia Robinson 
Sydney Smith 
Malachi Williams
Isaiah Vick 
Alauna Rutland  
Sydney Radford 
Adora Mbuko
Giana Gilmore
Janae Thornton
Nia Bigger 
Khalid Mendez
Victoria Reed
Sydney Vick 
Ania Finch
Thomas Yates
Allina Mbuko
Kyla Gee
Jeremiah Wright
Valdon Daniel, III
Jahlil Johnson
Albert Barbaretta
Camden Roy
Phillip Tyree
Isaiah Sheppard 
Camille McCain
Dimitrius Walters 
Brock Marine
John Jackson