Workouts: Strides


Let’s face it: we’re wacky people because we enjoy running around in circles. So, how about we take a look at some wacky ways to run fast.  These speed days will help you work on moving your legs quickly, and you’ll have some fun at the same time! It’s a win-win.

The first workout I’d like to talk about isn’t really a workout so to speak. It’s more of a post-run exercise to get you ready for running fast. I’m talking about “STRIDES.”


What are strides?

A quick “sprint” of about 100 meters (the straightaway length of an outdoor track). A stride is simply fast running that prepares your body for tough workouts and races.


How should I do strides?

Run quickly, but don’t do an all-out sprint. Concentrate on having crisp, efficient running form. Three times per week, do about 8-10 strides after a distance run.


Where should I do strides?

Anywhere with lots of space! Running at a track or soccer field is ideal since you will always have the option of wearing shoes or going barefoot.  Roads can work too, but make sure you have a long straightaway. Just don’t run in congested areas!


When should I do strides?

After a distance run, or after a warm-up jog when you’re getting ready for a real speed workout or race.


Why should I do strides?

In order to work on speed! Strides make you a more efficient runner (so that you can keep getting faster and faster). Speed is key in EVERY RUNNING EVENT in track, so incorporating strides into your weekly routine is quite important.


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Coach Jordo