Day 3 Junior Events started out with the 10,000 Race Walk.

Elgin Sharks Anali Cisneros won in 51:41.41 in hot and muggy conditions.

Women’s 10 km race walk


Anali Cisneros, first place, 51:41.41


“I had a really good race plan set out. I wanted to break 50 minutes, and I hit all of my early splits, but the heat made it had to maintain the pace. Overall, it was a good race.”

Everything went as planned. I had a goal in mind. I did make a PR, but I wanted a bigger PR and I was honored to race at Hayward Field.


On competing in mild conditions


“Actually it was really good to race to race in. Actually, I thought we were going to have more sun. The humidity was a little strong, so I had to drink some water during the race but that was fine and good to handle.”

The Junior Men's Race Walk was won by Anthony Peters in 45:26.01

Anthony Peters, first place

On the race overall and his strategy

“Coming into the race, my strategy was to stay on pace for a 44, and I was hoping to start picking it up after the 5K generally.  This way I can hopefully get closer to 43:30 or in that range. Obviously that’s not what happened, but that’s what I wanted going into the race. After that, I just wanted to get around 45 in the race once I started feeling a cramp in my leg.”


On winning consecutive national championships

“Just racing at this field is always an amazing experience, and knowing that I can win on this field is just great.”


In the Junior Men's Discus Payton Otterdaul threw 196-9 for the win.