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The Troy Invitational in Shorewood is no longer the largest cross country meet in the country like it was two years ago, but it is still one of the largest cross country meets in the state. The Yorkville Middle School cross country team earned medals and a trophy for the first time at the invite last year, and this year they had even more success. The team had medal winners in every race they participated in (the top 25 earned medals) and won trophies in 3 out of their 4 races.

The 7th grade girls team finished in 7th place led by Maggie Klemm who finished the 2-mile race in 22nd place with a time of 13:08. Maggie was followed by Lindsay Harrison (39th, 13:40), Tayla Van Leeve (52nd, 14:21), Emily Titus (75th, 14:52), Haylie Wolf (100th, 15:22), Anna Doty (102nd, 15:23), Autumn Vest (107th, 15:31), Emily Berge (129th, 16:04), Kylie LaSanska (160th, 16:35), and Kelly Romano (170th, 16:46).

The 7th grade boys finished in 3rd place, which marked the first time a Yorkville boys team took home a trophy at the Troy Invite. They were led by medal winners Patrick Black (11th, 12:02) and Zack Price (17th, 12:14). Following Patrick and Zack were Andrew Madej (45th, 13:05), Ben Summers (49th, 13:09), Eddie Kilgore (57th, 13:16), Cole Johnson (69th, 13:30), Hunter Negron (113th, 14:16), Rio Lara (116th, 14:20), Jake Holter (168th, 15:17), and Jake Bivens (193rd, 15:48).

The 8th grade girls won their race with 105 points, which far outpaced second place Homer's 175 points. It was the largest margin of victory at the Troy Invite. The Lady Foxes were led by medal winners Alexis Grandys (7th, 12:17) and Maddie Dearborn (18th, 12:35). Alexis and Maddie were supported by Dominique Anderson (35th, 13:12), Julia Megazzini (36th, 13:19), Nicole Doles (37th, 13:19), Piper Buyansky (67th, 13:51), Sydney Anderson (81st, 14:03), Natalie Hrcek (167th, 15:27, Emily Hawker (207th, 16:03), and Sierra Anderson (214th, 16:09).

Finally, the 8th grade boys were involved in the race with the smallest margin of victory. They finished in 2nd place to Channahon by a single point. The boys were led by medal winners Alexx Nauman (10th, 11:14) and Darien Ramos (15th, 11:33). Rounding out the team were Dawson Diederich (26th, 11:45), Jacob Love (44th, 12:10), Triston Robb (59th, 12:22), Grant Bowers (73rd, 12:35), Trent Richmond (76th, 12:41), Evan Jaros (88th, 12:50), Lucas Farren (95th, 12:54), and Karson Manukas (140th, 13:25).


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