Sitting in class next to Trinity Wilson, many of her classmates know her as the school’s best hurdler. While it is a fair statement, that is as misleading as calling Allyson Felix “a good sprinter.”

For a 16-year-old girl from Oakland, Calif., Wilson has already accomplished more than many athletes ever will in a lifetime. Wilson has not only excelled at her local and state level, but also national and internationally. Wilson recently returned from the IAAF World Youth Championships with the gold medal around her neck. Trinity Wilson

“My schoolmates know I’m fast, but I don’t think they understand the extent of what I do,” Wilson said. “They know I’m good, but they don’t get the concept of having to be the best in the world.”

At the youth championships in Lille, France, Wilson advanced through three rounds of the 100m hurdles to win in 13.11. Her time was not only the fastest in the world this year, but also earned her a spot in the record books as the second-fastest youth time in history.

Wilson’s trip to France earned her another stamp in already well-worn passport. The World Youth Championships were the third international competition for Wilson to represent the United States. Previously she competed at the Youth Olympics in Singapore in August of last year and a trilateral indoor meet in Japan in February. As if one international competition a summer was not enough, Wilson also qualified for the Junior Pan American Championships that are being hosted in Miramar, Florida today through Sunday. Continue reading at: