Hi, I'm a coach and I have a wide variety of ages of children that want to run 5ks. What do you suggest for a training schedule? The ages range from 5 to 18. Thank You!


I don't recommend 5k training until high school. I'd agree with USATF xc guidelines (3k 9-12, 4k 13-14). A training schedule might look something like the following: Sunday long run (distance individualized) Monday 6 x 200m (fall-xc pace, winter-mile pace, summer-800 pace) this is not a sprint workout. Tuesday easy run. Wednesday tempo run (not longer than 2500m, actual distance individualized). Thursday easy run (also maybe 6 x 40s or 50s if weather is good). Friday easy run. Saturday medium distance. Total volume and number of training days is individualized. All training is aerobic. No anaerobic intervals until at least age 14. Lots of more specific training suggestions in book.


Answered by Coach Mick Grant.