Now that cross country and school are starting up again, it may seem like you don’t have any free time between practice and homework. But even small changes in your routine can make a huge difference. So here are some tips that I’ve found useful when I felt like I didn’t have enough time.


1. Do as much homework as possible before practice.

If you have some free time during lunch or after school, make use of it.


2. Don’t watch TV before you finish homework.

It may seem extreme, but most of the time “I’m just going to watch 1 episode” turns into TV binge.


3. Do some of your work alone.

Study groups are helpful, but you get more done without people distracting you.


4. Eat quick meals.

Plan to eat food that doesn’t take long to cook, to save time.


5. Get enough sleep.

I cannot stress this enough. Exhaustion is a harsh cycle, and when you’re tired you’re not going to want to get anything done.


6. Prioritize.

If you have an essay due tomorrow, don’t put it aside for a project due in two weeks. Don’t procrastinate on an assignment if you know you have less time to do it.


7. Record homework assignments in an agenda book.

Not only does it remind you of what needs to get done, but it also allows you to estimate how much work you have.


8. Make sure to eat healthy and drink plenty of water.

Even when you’re stressed, don’t neglect your health.

9. Set a start time for homework.

This will help with procrastination and ensure that you have enough time to finish your work.


10. Set goals for the week.

Focusing on achieving those goals will help you deal with work that may seem overwhelming.