Tim T-Bone Arem shared his Health and Fitness Message at the Just Run Fun Run in Monterey California

ASHEVILLE,CA - (May 4, 2011) - Appearing at the Big Sur Marathon's Fun Run April 30 marked 30 years for Tim T-Bone Arem in the wellness industry. As his health and fitness character T-Bone, he has appeared at thousands of health and fitness events for 3 million children and families. I am very excited to be at this landmark. said Arem. The message of maintaining a healthy lifestyle has been my platform for all these years. It's great to see so many new running and health related events. I've had the opportunity to work with such awesome people and great running events. I am very proud to be part of the health & fitness movement across America.

Some of the Highlights that stand out are: The New York City Marathon Run With Champions, Marine Corps Marathon Youth Run, Just Run Fun Run, Jr. Gasparilla, Cooper River Bridge Run, Healthier US Fitness Festival, Girls On The Run, Bix 7, St. Louis Marathon Kids Run, CA Summit on Health, Nutrition and Obesity. Arem has worked with Lance Armstrong, Arnold Schwarenegger, Jack La lane, and Molly Barker (creator of Girls on the Run). Arem recently was awarded the Youth Contributor of the Year for 2010 from Running USA.

Arem presently is the director of the Kid Fit fitness program at the Rush Fitness Complex in Asheville, NC. He also maintains a busy personal appearance schedule leading Nordic Walking workshops and performing his stage show ENERGIZE at fitness events nationally.

For information on T-Bone and his fitness program, visit: tbonerun.com