Jarron Polu is a typical 10-year-old boy. He loves sports, recess and, simply, having fun.

The good news for his parents - Melissa and Tony - is that their son is physically active.

With childhood obesity and lack of exercise amongst the nation’s largest concerns, Jarron is showing the benefits of why sports are more important than ever to youngsters.

The Hershey Track & Field Games are all about encouraging kids from 9 to 14 years old to get out of the house and exercise.

Jarron, 10, did just that earlier this summer when he won a West Regional event in the softball toss. His throw (157 feet) marked a personal best for the St. George native.

“I just put everything into my throw,” Jarron said.

Jarron comes from a family of athletes, and he said being a little bigger than other kids his age helped him have a slight edge in the softball toss. Now, Jarron is a North American finalist for the Hershey Track & Field Games, which takes place Aug. 4 in Hershey, Pa.

“I’m really excited to go and see how I do against a lot of other good kids,” Jarron said.

There will be more than 400 young boys and girls competing. Not surprisingly, the games are the largest youth sports event in North America. The event has produced many Olympic athletes.

Melissa said that Jarron and the other competitors are scheduled to meet a few Olympians during their time in Hershey as well as a tour of the Hershey’s Chocolate World Attraction.

For Jarron, sports are a big part of his character. He loves football, baseball, and track and field. He recently took part in the local Little League tournament. Jarron’s youth doesn’t eliminate the competitive drive seen in older athletes. He not only can’t wait for the Hershey trip, but he said he wants to win the softball toss.

Jarron said the key to success is practice. Before setting his personal best mark in the toss, he practiced with his dad, and plans to do so before departing for one of the biggest youth athletic events this summer.