3 Ways To Prep For A Race You Might Not Have Thought Of

As we prepare for a race we all do some of the same things. We make sure we know the details of where the race is, when to be there and the course information. We also make sure we prep our gear and even our nutrition leading up to the race. There are three ways to prep for a race you might not have thought about though. These three things could make or break your race. So what are they?

1. Find an inspiring quote

Racing is for sure a physical endeavor, but it is also mental. When the race gets tough it is helpful to have an inspiring quote to draw from. Find a quote that resonates with you. One that you can memorize to say to yourself when needed. A quote that empowers you the moment you say it.

2. Tell yourself affirmations

The days leading up to the race, the morning of the race and even during the race tell yourself affirmations. Creating positive thoughts around the race and your experience can only support you. Affirmations are often things that you want to create. Say things like, “My body is strong and ready for this race.” “I am well rested.” “Today, I will give it everything I have.” “I am capable of setting a new personal record.”

3. Visualize the results you want

This is similar to affirmations. You are going to visualize yourself doing the things you want. See yourself running strong up a hill or passing other athletes. Picture yourself crossing the finish line or standing on the podium. Creating these positive images will give you confidence in going after what you want.

Even though you might not have thought of these three ways to prep for your race they can greatly impact your outcome. Next time you are preparing for a race remember to find an inspiring quote, tell yourself affirmations and visualize the results you want. You will reap the rewards of the extra preparation!

Cassie Celestain has a background in Early Childhood Education and is the author of children’s book Running Is Totally For Me. She lives in Oklahoma with her husband and two daughters where running shoes and bike gear can be found in every room of their house. In her spare time she enjoys creating activities for her daughters, reading, crafting and trying new recipes.

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