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Hi, I'm Izzy Frost and I’m 12 years old and I love running 5k races. I also love to run track in the spring and summer and Cross Country in the fall.  I know the struggle of becoming unmotivated to run. Every runner has gone through it. So, I’m going to give you some tips on how to stay motivated when you are feeling less than motivated to step outside and go for a run. 

My first tip is to run with friends or running partners.

Running partners/friends will help hold you accountable to get out the door and begin running. They will ensure you don’t quit and you hold up your end of the bargain of completing each run. Fun fact, studies show that running with people is usually faster than running alone. Running with someone will also help form a better relationship too. Have you ever tried running your fastest time on the track or a 5K alone? If you answered, “Yes” chances are you did not PR or break some epic records. 

My second tip is to write down all your running goals for the month and hang them somewhere where you can see them every day.

Then when you have completed that goal, mark it off and try to reach your other goals before the end of the month. You can also write down your goals for the year, which is what I do. Writing down goals ensures that it stays fresh and relatable in your mind. When you see your goals each day, it sticks with your mind and it’s constantly working in your subconscious. Eventually, those goals that were thought of in your mind become a reality. Remember, every Olympian had to think about that goal prior to starting a training regimen. 

My third tip is to have fun while running!

If you’re not having fun and enjoying what you’re doing, you tend to become unmotivated quickly. When you're about to run a big race, don't put too much pressure on yourself and have fun. Pressure can kill the fun factor if you allow it. Nearly every PR I’ve received in the last 3 years began as “I’m just doing this for fun”. Those fun runs, can turn into the race you’ll never forget! So, have fun! After all, as a young runner, that’s what it's all about!
-Izzy Frost
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