Three Rivers League Championships, Clackamas Community College, Oregon City

The Three Rivers League meet three of the top female athletes in the state go at it at Clackamas Community College on a rather ideal day for distance runners. Tate Murray of Lake Oswego, Erin McLaughlin of Milwaukie & Kelly O’ Neill of Lakeridge took a lead early during the first half mile as a chase pack that included Michaela Freeby of Putnam, Shannon Susbauer of Milwaukie, Kate Jette of Clackamas & Latane Cox of Lake Oswego. For Tate the race was one of caution as she had been out of action for almost a month due to knee problems & forced to work out in the pool, so trailed McLaughlin & O’ Neill early.

The leaders widened the gap that everyone else would have to battle for fourth place. Kelly is just a freshman, while her rivals are seniors, and as the race progressed she began to struggle to maintain the pace. The ensuing mile found Kelly trailing by about ten meters as Erin pushed the pace trailed by Tate. Behind them Jette, Freeby & Susbauer dueled as Latane Cox dropped back about 15 meters. Behind them trailed Chelsea Ollar of West Linn, who was left to race alone in somewhat of a no-man’s land.

The race was ultimately decided, while the leaders were out of sight on the back side of the course, & when they appeared it was Tate, who led the way. She crossed the line in an excellent time of 18:32, which is the fifth fastest time for a league girl and in truth only Claire Michel with three times & Kiran Aldinger-Gibson have ever run faster. It has to be a real confidence-builder as she now prepares for State. Erin finished only four seconds back in a time that would have won in all but four other years. It was also over a half minute better than the time she ran on the course last fall, so she too can look forward to Sate with some degree of confidence.

Kelly O’ Neill raced home alone to take third in a fine 18:51: a time that normally would win the race too. Look for her to do well at State as well. Latane Cox, who had looked like she might be struggling early, ran a heady race as she picked off runners ahead of her to take fourth in 19:22, which was two seconds in front of Kate Jette. Michaela Freeby earned sixth ahead of Shannon Susbauer, while Chelsea Ollar came home eighth. Madison Hutchinson of Clackamas placed ninth & Elliott Prince claimed tenth.

The team race was close also as West Linn earned a narrow victory over Lake Oswego 64 to 69, as both teams earned berths at State. Clackamas finished third & Lakeridge was fourth but both teams had 78 points with sixth runner for Clackamas Natasha Rowland of Clackamas proving the difference.

The guys race saw the West Linn duo of Taylor West & Cullen Wannarka establish a ten meter lead in the first 100 meters and from there the battle was joined. After half a mile the two raced along as they widened their lead over any would-be challengers. Behind them their team mates had three runners (Zach Boyd-Helm, Tim Donnelly & Lukas Erickson) controlled three of the next four positions with only Alan Johnston of Clackamas being from another team.

The next two miles would see no change up front except for an ever increasing gap between them and third but behind there was action as a number of runners began to move through the pack. Still ahead, however, there was a definite duel for first with West having an edge as they hit the track for the final meters.It was at that point that Cullen made a charge and closed ground as West responded to the move. West was flying as he neared the finish line but Wannarka was just a bit faster & he earned a narrow victory as both were clocked in 16:17. Trailing the pair was Max Heninger of Lakeridge, who made a big move late in the race to take third.

Colton Snook of Putnam garnered fourth as Zach Boyd-Helm held on for fifth. Alan Johnston of Clackamas, Tim Donnely, Julian Heninger of Lakeridge, Spencer Bankofier of Clackamas and Graham Frank of West Linn rounded out the top ten.

West Linn won the team race with a low 25 points followed by Lakeridge with 49. Clackamas took third with 73 points and Putnam was fourth with 84.

Girls Individual Results

1 Tate Murray 18:32.37 Lake Oswego 12
2 Erin McLaughlin 18:36.50 Milwaukie 12
3 Kelly O'Neill 18:51.41 Lakeridge 9
4 Latane Cox 19:22.78 Lake Oswego 11
5 Kate Jette 19:24.96 Clackamas 12
6 Michaela Freeby 19:31.36 Putnam 11
7 Shannon Susbauer 19:49.47 Milwaukie 10
8 Chelsea Ollar 19:58.56 West Linn 11
9 Madison Hutchinson 20:21.25 Clackamas 11
10 Elliot Prince 20:28.58 West Linn 11
11 Emily Gaddis 20:30.10 Lake Oswego 11
12 Kathryn Flyte 20:31.21 West Linn 12
13 Kelly Bartz 20:33.54 Lakeridge 12
14 Brianna Barnes 20:35.02 Putnam 9
15 Kelsey Guerins 20:35.71 West Linn 12
16 Kelsey Hilsenteger 20:42.16 Putnam 9
17 Alyssa Rowland 20:58.09 Clackamas 12
18 Zoe Newman 21:05.36 Lakeridge 12
19 Julia Boyd-Helm 21:10.27 West Linn 9
20 Abby Poindexter 21:11.10 Lakeridge 12
21 Ann Bernert 21:14.68 West Linn 11
22 Samantha Gutwig 21:16.54 Clackamas 10
23 Erin Morrow 21:18.17 West Linn 11
24 Laura Suzuki 21:29.41 Lakeridge 9
25 Maisie Marek 21:47.47 Clackamas 11
26 Aike Burger 21:50.06 Lake Oswego 10
27 Tatum Johnson 21:58.01 Lake Oswego 10
28 Clarice Mottet 21:58.75 Lake Oswego 11
29 Natasha Rowland 21:58.96 Clackamas 10
30 Sasha Gonzalez 21:59.33 Milwaukie 9

Boys Results

1 Cullen Wannarka 16:16.02 West Linn 11
2 Taylor West 16:16.18 West Linn 11
3 Max Heninger 16:28.70 Lake Oswego 12
4 Colton Snook 16:30.36 Putnam 11
5 Zach Boyd-Helm 16:36.81 West Linn 11
6 Alan Johnston 16:40.69 Clackamas 10
7 Tim Donnelly 16:50.83 West Linn 11
8 Julian Heninger 16:52.31 Lakeridge 9
9 Spencer Bankofier 16:58.55 Clackamas 12
10 Graham Frank 16:59.50 West Linn 11
11 Alec Koh 16:59.71 Lakeridge 10
12 Kevin Pearson 17:00.07 Lakeridge 12
13 Tony Dardano 17:01.37 Putnam 12
14 Mitchell Koblitz 17:09.07 Clackamas 11
15 Christian Veillet 17:11.94 Lakeridge 10
16 Jason Udland 17:13.62 Clackamas 9
17 Brandon Sherier 17:16.92 Putnam 12
18 Sam Sanford 17:17.76 Lake Oswego 12
19 Zach Rial 17:22.25 Putnam 12
20 Jesse Fordyce 17:24.85 Lake Oswego 11
21 Lukas Ericson 17:34.51 Lakeridge 11
22 Kyle Rathmanner 17:36.68 Lakeridge 12
23 Jefferson Chandler 17:38.32 West Linn 11
24 Bradley Laughlin 17:38.52 Oregon City 10
25 George Brockett 17:39.64 Milwaukie 12
26 Reed Oliver 17:42.89 Lake Oswego 12
27 Andrew Daniels 17:44.67 West Linn 11
28 Micah Bishop 17:45.85 Clackamas 11
29 Jonatan Santillan 17:48.93 Lake Oswego 9