Lauren blogs about the importance of relays in this week's post.. 

The relay means fun to most teams, but here at tigres it means a lot more. To me  relays are a chance to have fun, be a teammate, but most importantly, it's a chance to prove yourself.  Coach Paul, our sprint coach, has always told us spots are always open to those willing to work, the 4x400 means so much to our team, so you have to work hard to be apart of the team.  

The race itself is fun, it's your one opportunity to run with your teammates rather than against them.  I have attended many meets where it comes down to a relay to decide what team will win, the relay just makes it all so exciting!  Relays are so important to me, and I can't imagine track without them.  My teammate Caitlin put it best, "(The Relay) is the best experience a runner could ever have."
As runners, we are so used to training for our individual success that occasionally we forget to step back and have some fun.  The relay lets you have fun while achieving the ultimate goal with your teammates.  I feel like sometimes the team aspect of track is sometimes put aside, when in reality it should be treated exactly the same as individual success.  Although this is just one small aspect of team, it makes me feel like I am doing something for others that I want for myself.  That's really why I like the relay, it the entire team to share the success.
As the year goes on, times will get faster, and dreams will become achievements, but I ask you to always remember how important the relay is.  Its not just your success, it's your team's success.