Over the past two weeks, I had the privilege to product test the Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch. It is priced at about $300, which seems equivalent to most GPS watches. The Fitbit Ionic is waterproof, has a GPS tracker, about a 5-day battery life, and a heart rate monitor. This smartwatch has many abilities that include tracking your runs, sleep patterns, swim workouts, bike rides, gym workouts, and much more. During my two weeks, I tested the watch during my runs, swim workouts, and just hanging around, daily.



Setting Up the Product

The Fitbit Ionic came in a box that included a small band, large band, and a charging cord. My watch was in the color Charcoal/Smoked Grey. I liked that it included different sized bands, so I could compare the different sizes on my wrist and select the one that fit best. I also had a sports band. This band was in the color Coral. I really liked the sports band better than the regular band. During runs, I found that the regular band was more on the sweaty side, but the sports band was breathable and did not bother me. It was actually very comfortable to wear in all aspects of my day. The watch itself was also very lightweight compared to other running watches I’ve used in the past.


Once I was ready, it took about 3 hours to fully charge the Fitbit Ionic smartwatch. Once fully charged, it took me about another 30 minutes to setup and personalize the watch. You must set it up by connecting to the app on your phone. In the app, you can put in your personal information to link to the smartwatch. You can also change the watch face, add apps to the watch, learn how to use the watch, and add music. However, once the smartwatch was setup and personalized, it was ready to be used.



Ready To Run

As I turned the watch on, I pressed exercise and then pressed run. The watch quickly turned on and found my GPS location. Although the first time seemed to take a few minutes; I did note that my other run watch always took twice as long to find my GPS location. So, I was impressed with the GPS process with the Ionic. I tested the watch as I ran 3 miles. The GPS location tracker remained on with no issues. I run in the country and sometimes it’s easy to lose the GPS signal. But this smartwatch never lost its connection.


The Ionic tells you how long you have been running, your mileage, and offers mile times. The watch accurately keeps track of your runs. However, if you want to check the statistics of your run, you must go through a process to get them on your watch. This may be an issue if you are constantly checking them, like me. Other than that, the Ionic does not have any other issues. It is lightweight and breathable, so it works very well on runs.

Another great feature I really like is the bright screen resolution. Even in the hot sun, the screen on the watch was easy to see and bright enough.


Let’s talk about music on the run

The Ionic has a built-in music feature where you can upload your playlist into the watch feature and with Bluetooth, wireless headphones listen on the run. I like this feature because it means that I don’t have to carry my phone to listen to music. It worked great and never skipped a beat.



The Ionic Swim Workout

The Fitbit Ionic is waterproof. Yes, waterproof! I must admit that I was a little hesitant to immerse it into the water. All other smartwatches I’ve used have been water/sweat resistant but not waterproof. So, this was a treat for me. As I turned on the swim feature, it counted how many laps I did, how far I swam, and how long I worked out for. It doesn’t allow you to touch the screen underwater to change features, but keeps track of everything. This feature worked well, and I would use it again. Having the smartwatch to swim with makes it a great addition as I train with goals in mind, even in the pool.



Ionic Workout Experience

The Ionic watch has a Fitbit Coach feature which is amazing. It gives you 3 options; 10-minute abs, 7-minute workout, and treasure chest workout. Each workout is challenging, but they help you get stronger. I like how the watch shows you what to do, tells you what to do, and gives you times as you do the exercise. It gives you a minute break in the middle of the workout, but you can pause it at any time. These workouts challenge your abilities to make you a better athlete.


Using the Watch Daily

The Ionic watch counts your steps, like other Fitbit models on the market. I tested the watch by wearing it to school every day. I like how the watch does not make sound, so it does not disturb me in class. However, I did not like that it would constantly vibrate on my wrist. I turned off the vibrations in the settings to solve this issue. That worked well; I barely noticed that I had the watch on, and it did not disturb me anymore. This watch accurately counts your steps and calories burned. I also like how the watch tells you when you need to walk more or gain more steps. This is a fun way to challenge yourself to stay more active. I would highly recommend wearing it daily, and you can even sign up to challenge others. I also love the battery life. I wore it for over 5 days without needing to charge it.


The Fitbit Ionic is a great watch that can be used for many purposes. The watch can be customized to fit your needs, based on your height, weight, and age. And you can also personalize with the screen face you like best. I have always used other watches, but after my experience with the Ionic, I will never go back. The Ionic allows me to be an all-around athlete keeping track of what I do with statistics and encourages me to be motivated throughout the day. I strongly recommend this watch to my running peers because it helps you stay active and fit daily, is easy to use, fun, all around feels great. The Fitbit Ionic is my new run/workout choice of the year!