It's the second year for the Brook's Inspiring Coaches Program. If you love your coach get out and send in a nomination.

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The Brooks Inspiring Coaches program is in it's second year. The idea is simple, the program is brilliant. Nominate your high school cross country or track coach (Brooks Inspiring Coaches), tell Brooks what the coach means to you, and why they deserve to be one of Brooks Top Ten finalists, and you are set.

Cross Country & Track Coaches work with 1.4 million high school boys and girls, 46 weeks a year, six days a week, two hours, fifteen minutes an average session. With 350,000 athletes in cross country and just over a million-1,050,000 in indoor and outdoor track and field, the job of a cross country and track coach is long hours, and virtually no money.

But, it is not about the money.

Coaches change lives. Coaches save lives. Coaches inspire. Ask anyone on a high school cross country or track program and they can tell you, five, ten, fifteen, twenty, thirty years later how much the coach meant to them. It is also the reason a new generation of coaches is coming back to the sport. Jesse Williams, the sports marketing manager for Brooks, talks about the raising of awareness. Jim Weber, the president of Brooks tells us it is about giving back to the sport.

It is both, and another example of how the footwear companies support the sport that gave them and continues to give them life.

To describe the Brooks Inspiring Coaches Program, I will borrow a favorite quote from a popular home decorating goddess, " It is a good thing"  .

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