Meet Tanna who is blogging about her experiences leading up to the Run Track Town Youth League Championships. She is 12 years old and has been competing in the Long Jump, Javelin, and the 400 meter dash for five years. Tanna will be in the Hermiston Run Track Town Youth League meet so if you're there keep a watch out for her performance.


My name is Tanna and I am excited but also very nervous about the upcoming track meet.  I will compete in Hermiston, Oregon.  I know this is a great opportunity.  I just finished my first year of middle school track at the 6th grade level.  I worked very hard to be competitive.  My favorite event is the 300 meter hurdles but this meet does not have the hurdles.  I will compete in the open 400 meter Long Jump and Javelin.  The open 400 is my second favorite event.  I also love field events like long jump, javelin, and shot put.  I have attached pictures of my training shoes, Nike Pegasus and racing shoes, Nike Jana Star XC.  I also included a picture of my lucky Hunger Games shoe bag that I keep my track shoes in.  My good luck song is Chasing the Sun by the Wanted.