Spring track season is here!

The day I’ve been anxiously waiting for months on end is finally here: the first day of track season!  It was a brisk but sunny and dry afternoon (very rare in Oregon!), spent with my favorite people, reigniting our love for track. This year, there are over 120 kids going out for track at my school, and I am happy to see as many new faces as returning teammates.

One thing I love about track is the diversity of the athletes.  At my school, track athletes are not only cross country runners, but also soccer, football, basketball, and volleyball players, wrestlers, cheerleaders, and dancers.  It’s great to see that track is the glue between countless different sports, and that myriads of athletes can channel their various talents into success in running, jumping, and throwing. 

I have an appreciation for all track events; there’s always something to watch at meets.  One of my favorite team traditions is our senior-led team meetings at the end of meets, when we recognize each other’s triumphs with compliments and applause.

This season, I am focusing on the 800M, and I look forward to enduring tough workouts, competing and cheering at meets, and sharing countless laughs with my distance squad teammates.  What are your goals for this track season?

Happy spring!