The Southern California Roadrunners competed at the USATF Youth Nationals held in Lisle, Illinois held at Benedectine  University  June 26-30. 14 athletes from the team competed in various age 2 year age groups over the 5 day meet bringing home 25 medals of which 7 were gold.

     Ahris Mayorga (age 8) competing in the bottom of the 9-10 age group led off the competition winning the 1500 m race walk with 8:13.55 knocking off 25 seconds from his personal best.  

      The second day of competition was a rest day for the team as they took in the sites including the Lincoln Zoo and experienced deep dish pasta at Lou Malnati’s.

     The third day of competition Allura Markow competed in the 11-12 300 gm javelin. Allura placed 6th with a throw of 12.98 m after learning the even 2 weeks prior to competition.

Katie Hornung competed in the  9-10 800 m qualifier and won her heat with 2:49.32 advancing to the final with only 8 runners advancing.

     On day 4 of competiion Katie Hornung led off the day in the 9-10 division of the 1500 meter run taking the lead at 700 meters to win by 9 seconds with 5:23.53. Katie knocked off 15 seconds for a PR. Ahris Mayorga competed in the  9-10 boys 1500 meter run to place 7th  with 5:28.39 for a 9 second PR to win another medal.

     Allura Markow  won the 11-12 girls 1500 meter run taking the lead from the start with a PR of 5:05. 09. Teammate Gabriella Romero placed 5th with a PR of 5:20.30 and Dhannasshy Sanchez was 8th with a PR of 5:35.97. The 11-12 boys race was very competitive as 3 roadrunners were competing.  Ethan Romero finished third overall with a PR of 4:40.11. Juan Montes outkicked 2 runners the final 100 meters to move from 7th to 5th with a PR of 4:58.22 to break 5 minutes . Aidan Sturtevant finished 10th overall with 5:17.15.  Alex Miler  ran a PR of 4:36. 92 for 10 th overall and qualify for finals among the top 12 in the nation .

     On the final day of competition Allura Markow took off at the gun leading from start to finish to win the 11-12 girls 3000  meter run with a time of 10:50.19 with a 19 second lead for second place and a PR of 19 seconds.  Gabriella Romero placed 4th with 11:28.98 and Dhannasshcy Sanhez placed 6th with a PR of 12:23.22. The 11-12 boys 3000 m race was very fast as Ethan Romero placed 2nd with a PR of 9:50.09 just 1 second off Phillip Rocha’s club record of 9:49 for the 11-12 age group. Ethan ran a 72 second last lab to overtake third place finisher Caleb Levy  from Waukegan Invaders. Juan Montes ran a PR of 10:36.55 to place 6th. Juan dropped over 20 seconds for his previous best time. Aidan Sturtevant improved 20 seconds to break 11 minutes with a time of 10:52.48 to place 7th overall for a medal as the Roadrunners place 3 in the top 8 in both the boys and girls 11-12 division Alex Miller placed 7th in the boys 13-14 3000 meter race with 9:56.49.

     The boys 15-16 meter 3000 m race was very fast as Daniel Alvarez won his first national title going sub 9 with 8:58.61 . Jacob Moran .placed second overall with 9:05.34 over top seeded Raul Chavez.


Erik Gonzalez ran a 65 second last lap to with the 17-18 boys 3000 meter run with 9:01.58 to win by 4/100s of a second. Michael Ramirez ran 9:13.4 for 4th overall.

     Katie Hornung ran the 800 meter final in the 9-10 division with a 2 second PR with 2:47.55. Dominick Gonzalez competed in the 15-16 boys 800 m final placing  4th with a 2:03.34.

     The 1500 meter final for the older divisions were contested 4 hours after their 3000 m competition. Alex Miller placed 9th with a PR of 4:35.23. Jacob Moran running in third with 1 lap to go and 6 seconds back kicked the final lap with a 63.16 to win the 15-16 boys 1500 m for a final time of 4:12. 05 for his first national title. Daniel Alvarez finished 3rd with 4:14.23 for a PR and Dominick Gonzalez ran 4:17.79 for 7th and a PR. Michael Ramirez placed 4th in the 17-18 division with a time of 4:19.35 in a tactical race with several leader changes in the race.

     In team competition the 15-16 boys team placed third with only 3 runners and the 11-12 boys and girls team each placed 5th with only 3 runners in each division.

     The team got to see the sites including Sky deck from the Willis Tower (formerly the Sears tower), Wrigley field, United Center (home of the Bulls and Blackhawks), and some saw their first MLB baseball game with the White sox and Yankees.  The Cubs were away this past week.

Next year the USATF Youth nationals will  be held in Rochester , New York

     The Roadrunners will begin training for Cross country  with practices Mondays and Wednesday at Aurantia Park  in Highland at 6pm and Hulda Crooks park  in Loma Linda on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

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