Soul Electronics Emotion: Wireless Earbuds For runners On The GO

Recently I had the opportunity to test the Soul Electronics Emotion wireless earbuds over a two-week period. I tested them in different aspects of a student-athlete’s life including: at school, while running, doing homework, during weight training, and at home.

The Emotion has a battery life that can last up to 6 hours. It comes with a pocket-sized charging pod that allows you to easily charge the earphones on the go. As a student athlete, the dynamic sleek design is a unique and fun accessory to use. It comes with an auto-paring feature that connects directly to your phone of device via Bluetooth.

Emotion at School

The small design allows you to easily take the Emotion to and from school.

The portions earphones allow you to easily listen to a song or two between classes.
Not having to deal with any wires can be extremely useful and time saving.

The Emotion can make you unfocused if they are used in class. A good way to avoid this is to use them at lunch, on breaks, or before and after school only.

Emotion on your Run


The Emotion can give your run a new vibe. You can rock out to your favorite songs, as you run your miles.

You and a friend can experience the greatness of running to your all-time favorite songs. Each person can use one earphone; you can each listen to music and be aware of your surroundings at the same time.
Look cool as you run to music with the sleek, comfortable earbud design, and they are so lightweight that you might forget that it is in your ear.

Although you can run with both earphones in, I would not suggest it. I have found that the earphones block out surrounding sounds, which can be dangerous if a car comes up behind you. However, running with only one earphone is the perfect solution.
The earbud is not 100-percent sweat resistant.


Studying with Emotion


Emotion can help drown out the sounds around you. This leaves you to do your studying in peace and quiet.

Like I said earlier, with the Emotion, noise around you will fade. Although this can be dangerous when running, it is very useful when you are studying and seeking a quiet environment.
Selecting the right playlist or sound can be used to help you stay focused while studying.
The built-in microphone makes it easy to communicate with study friends. After the call, your music will start up without having to reconnect.

Having earphones can be distracting, if you aren’t using them for the right reasons. You must be wise on how much you use them.




Emotion during Weight Training



Don’t get caught focusing on the heavy lifting. With Emotion, you can lift weights, as you listen to music, and enjoy every moment at the gym.

Weight training can be tough, but the Emotion can help get you through it by giving you the chance to listen to your favorite songs.
The wireless earbuds are small enough to fit in your pocket and easy to carry with you to the gym.  

The Emotion can make you unfocused in what you are doing, so I would take caution in how much weight you are lifting. Make sure the weight is appropriate for you and the volume of the earphones isn’t too loud and disruptive.




At Home with Emotion



Feel the weightless effect, when relaxing without wires. Get lost with Emotion.

With Emotion, you can stop stressful situations from occurring. Music is a great distraction to take your mind off any stressful situation.
These earphones are easy to use, light weight, and have no need for extra charging cords.

Always be aware of your earphones, and make sure that they are helping you and not hindering you.


The Emotion is a useful, portable, and affordable product. You can purchase this product for $49.99 in black or white at Soul Electronics. The different uses for this product make it a great option the young runner on the go. Give a try…with the great design and price point, you cannot go wrong.