Since Sofia's last blog post we were able to ask here a few questions. Looking forward to meeting her and seeing her performance at the World Junior Championships.

Q: Name, age, home town.

Sofia Ennaoui, 18 lat, Lipiany (Poland, Polska)

Q: Describe your town and the place you grew up.

I’ve lived nearby Marakesh during first two years since I was born. Later, after leaving Morocco we moved to Poland where I live until yet. I grew up in a small city in West Pomeranian district. My place is calle Lipiany. It is very beautiful location surrounded by the forests and lakes. What makes it evenbetter is the number of interesting and miscallanous running courses on which I practice if I am at home.

Q: What kind of support has your family and the people in your town given you on this path to the Festival and Juniors?

My family is supporting my a lot in what am I doing. They are very helpful and I am pretty sure I can count on them.  Especially my mom does suport me. She a great fan of me and she knows first together with my coach about results of my starts. I know they are crossing fingers for me. 

Q: Tell us about your experience at XIV European Athletics Festival and the event that qualified you for Juniors.

Performance at the European Athletics Festival in Bydgoszcz was one of my first start in this season so it was typical that I wasn’tt in that shape I am now. But yet I asume this start to very succesful because I made the minimum for the World Juniors. I was also very close to my personal best although the conditions were bad with rain, cold and wind.

Q: So the kids in the U.S. understand, what were the qualifying meets that got you to the Festival?

You must have accurate personal best to get the invitation to the European Athletics Festival. Then you can start with the best Polish and few real top European athletes. I made my PB quite high last season so it gives me a chance to compete in this meeting in Bydgoszcz (where WJC in 2008 was).

Q: Who were your toughest competitors?

I am the toughest competitor for myself because during the race I contest not only my opponents but espiecially me. During the race I am pushed to fight with the pain several time to be happy in the at the finish line with the result.

Q: Any obstacles you had to overcome just to get to the Festival?

Well, nothing at all honestly. It’s been sometime since my manager organize everything . The only obstacles were during the competition were because of bad weather conditions there wasn’t many spectators. I am still glad that there were some people including friends, and coach that have supported me through this journey.




Czwartek: 12.06.14r.


Już za dwa dni wystartuję na mityngu z cyklu EA we francuskim Sottevile-les-Rouen. Czuje się bardzo dobrze, więc jestem dobrej myśli. Zrobiłam długie regeneracyjne wybieganie, by złapać trochę "oddechu" przed startem. 


Thurdsay, 12th of June 2014


Just in two days I will compete in European Athletics Series Meeting in Sottevile-les-Rouen. I feel very good, so I got good thoughts about this. I did very long regenerating run to catch some „freshness” before this start. 


Sobota: 14.06.14r.


W dzisiejszym starcie plan nie został zrealizowany w 100%, ponieważ pacemaker nie wykonał swojego zadania tak jak powinien. Pierwsze 2 km biegu były za wolne, by móc uzyskać czas w granicach 8:50. Mimo wszystko pobiłam rekord Polski o blisko 9s. Czułam się na tyle swobodnie, że w następnym starcie powinnam pobiec dużo lepiej.


Saturday, 14th of June 2014


The plan wasn’t done 100 percent because the pacemaker didn’t went as he should. Firts 2 km of run was to slow to achieve 8:50 time. At least I bit Polish National Record almost 9 seconds. I was feeling so cool, that it should much better next start.


Środa: 18.06.14r.


Dzisiaj mam w planach zrobienie 8-kilometrowego biegu ciągłego i potem po lekkim odpoczynku 10 100-metrowych odcinków szybkościowych. Czuje się dobrze, a dyspozycja wzrasta z tygodnia na tydzień

Wednesday, 18th of June 2014

Today my plan is 8km non-stop run, then after light relaxation ten Times 100m sprints. I feel good and I can feel that my shape is getting better and better week by week.