Saucony invites you to Step Into Minimalism! For certain, thousands of runners in this year's Boston Marathon will be running in minimalist footwear and a few will be barefoot altogether. Without a doubt the minimalist trend has stirred quite a fascination and wide debate among runners everywhere. But is it for YOU?

Join Saucony and an all-star panel of experts, including Dr. Jack Daniels, world's greatest coach, as they share their insights and advice on how runners everywhere can integrate minimalist running into their training program−safely and responsibly.

In addition, Michael Sandler, author of the bestselling Barefoot Running, will share how running shoeless saved his health after a life-altering accident. Dr. Marybeth Crane, one of the country's most influential sports podiatrists, will discuss the benefits of stronger feet for stronger running. Spencer White, head of Saucony's Human Performance & Innovation Lab will give a live demonstration highlighting the differences in muscle activation in runners when wearing minimalist versus traditional running shoes.

Saucony’s award-winning collection of minimalist footwear will be available for try-on, including the new Kinvara 2. Coaches and treadmills will be on hand to experience natural running.