Editor Note: Our reviewers have been discovering what may be useful for Youth Runners out there in the world of running apps. As we were getting that ready for you in our next issue, Runtastic released a new version of their app so we thought we'd share that with you now.

Ever wanted to improve your running and measure how good you are?

Then Runtastic is just the app you need. Runtastic lets you measure all the necessary data to optimize your workout results – and compare yourself with past activities, your friends or the pros! Remember, you can only manage what you can measure. With Runtastic you can measure just about everything you need and more: the app automatically records elapsed time, distance, calories burned, speed, elevation and tracks exercises via the onboard GPS and through satellites. This lets you analyze every step you take, compare your routes, progress and speed and of course how many miles you clock a week. With this app you have everything you need in your hands to see how much you have improved and are closer to attaining your goals. Ready to run?

Besides analyzing and tracking your progress, Runtastic is your ideal training partner, following you everywhere and allowing your friends to cheer you on – with the Runtastic live cheering function. Your friends can monitor your real-time progress and support you with their cheers – send them a live photo showing how awesome you are and what they are missing! Runtastic helps you focus better on your targets, for example with heart rate zone training, which allows you to follow specific goals such as fat burning. Or set a specific target pace or speed for interval training.


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So get up and get your run on!