When you are running on the road, there are many rules you must follow to ensure your safety.


Safety is one of the most important factors to consider while on your run, and following these rules can even save your life. They keep you protected from vehicles in the road, such as, cars, bikes, buses, and trucks. So, don’t be fooled; follow the rules.


Facing Oncoming Traffic

When you are facing oncoming traffic, you are facing the front of the cars coming towards you. If cars come from behind you, you must rely on your hearing. This can be dangerous because hearing a car is a lot harder than seeing it. “Run against traffic so that you can see approaching vehicles. This will place you on the left side of the road with oncoming traffic to your right,” says Tony Ramirez, Girls Cross Country Coach, Redwood High School in Visalia, California. Seeing the car in front of you, gives you enough time to get out of the way until the car passes. If you are on the wrong side of the road, the car could come up behind you and you could be harmed.


Be Cautious Around the Curves

As you run, you may find yourself moving around a curve or bend in the road. When you are closer to the curve, you can’t see far away in front of you, giving you higher risk of getting hit by a car. You should move away from the curve, until you have safely passed it. Cars are likely to speed around the curve, without looking for runners in the road. Never assume that you will be given the right of way. Staying away from curves or bends can keep you protected from possible risks.


Watch for Cars on Both Sides of the Road

Whenever there is a car that wants to pass you, move to the other side of the street to let them pass. However, what happens if there is a car on both sides of the road? In this instance, you need to move accordingly. You should move out of the street and stay to the side of the road. By moving away, you are keeping yourself safe from both cars.



Running with Headphones

Wearing headphones can seem harmless, but they can take your full attention from the road. Instead of listening for cars, you become distracted with your music. You lose your focus on your surroundings, oncoming traffic, your running form, and your pace. Headphones are an unnecessary distraction for any runner.



Never Assume that you Have the Right of Way

You must share the road with vehicles that have drivers that may not be paying attention. If you assume that you have the right of way, you can be harmed. Before running past a car or crossing a street, check for vehicles and make sure they can see you. You must be prepared for cars that won't let you pass. Stay cautious and be aware of all vehicles in the road. Always look both ways before crossing.



Your safety should be your most important priority.

“It's super important to know and follow these rules because everyone's safety depends on it,” says Ramirez. These rules can keep you safe and protect you from the dangers of the road. Always run smart, be aware, and have fun!