The Run SMART Project Launches Run SMART Kids At Local Schools

The Run SMART Project has launched Run SMART Kids, a youth running program for 4th, 5th and 6th graders of all athletic levels. The Run SMART Project aims to promote health and fitness by teaching kids how to properly train for a race.

As elite runners and private coaches, The Run SMART team works towards four main goals: 1. Learning about and maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle 2. Goal-setting 3. Improving fitness levels 4. Having fun!

Run SMART Kids typically meets once a week for 12 weeks either before or after school. Each session starts with a review of the participants running logs. Kids are encouraged to record their running activity as part of their regimen leading towards the race at the end of program. Along the way, Run SMART coaches cover the most important components of a training program; proper stretching, pacing, running form and nutrition, etc.

“By building the program around a goal race the kids stay motivated to improve their fitness throughout the 12 weeks. When you’re working with kids motivated towards a specific goal it’s easier to educate them on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle,” says Brian Rosetti, Run SMART Project Founder.

Run SMART Kids currently works with four schools in NYC and is looking to expand the program throughout New York and other cities across the country.

For more information contact Brian Rosetti at

About the Run SMART Project The Run SMART Project, featuring Dr. Jack Daniels, is a personalized training experience. Our mission is to promote health and fitness through running to people of all ages and abilities. Our expert coaches—most of them elite athletes pursuing their own running goals—offer private coaching to athletes of all abilities. Run SMART Training Plans provide customized training schedules for runners of all levels.