Join the American Running Association this May 6th to run a mile. On this date fifty four years ago, Roger Bannister ran the first mile under 4 minutes. Your goal can be simple. Get out there and run the mile:  four laps on the track, a mile loop around the neighborhood, a run in the park. Make this day a start point for a new effort to run or walk a mile every day. Get others to join you: friends, parents, high school and college teammates, colleagues in the workplace, even your dog.

American Running is committed to increasing the physical activity level of America's youth and adults through running. It can start with a mile. Walking or running is OK too. It only takes one person to show others that a goal once thought unimaginable is reachable. Roger Bannister showed other elite runners that he was simply the one to open the door for others. You can start a running regimen to inspire others just like Sir Roger.

May 6, 2008
Your city, town, school, place of work
Anytime that day
Youths and adults of all ages

RUN A MILE Day t-shirts are available for $8 per shirt. Free shipping for orders of ten (10) or more t-shirts; $15 shipping for all orders under 10 shirts. Email ARA at: with sizes and requests.

The American Running Association (ARA) and AMAA will publish photos in the next editions of the AMAA Journal and in e-Running & FitNews. We'll send out a few free tees to any 3 individuals who best mimic the attire and setting from the day Roger Bannister broke 4 minutes in the mile (hint: two teammates ran with him that day).

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