McLain makes an attempt in the long jump. His silver medal finishes at the national qualifier have provided the chance at the AAU Junior Olympics later this month in Houston.





Leaping further. Bryce Ruhl-McLain, a soon-to-be Quincy Middle School seventh-grader, is doing just that. 
He brought home a gold medal in the high jump and was fifth in the long jump at the District Track and Field Championships, which was held in Ypsilanti on June 16. His top eight finishes gave him a chance a the national qualifier on July 8, where Bryce brought home both a silver in the high jump (4'6”) and long jump (14'8”), qualifying him for the AAU Junior Olympics in Houston on July 28 through Aug. 4. 

The young man is now seeking sponsors to help defray the $4,000 cost for the registration, airfare, hotel and other travel expenses for the trip. His plans are to make a shirt with his sponsors' names on it to help him represent his community, as well as Michigan. 

He began training in both events this year, as he worked as a manager for the QMS track team. His mother, Marian, competed in the events when she was in school; giving Bryce his reason to work hard. 
“My mom used to do both events and I just love doing it,” he said. 

Training involved work at both the Quincy High School track and even indoors at Hillsdale College - where the coaching staff was nice enough to set up a high jump pit for Bryce.  Lofty goals have been set for the Junior Olympics, as Bryce hopes to clear 5' in the high jump and 16' in the long jump. His initial success wasn't expected, but came with hard work and determination.

“I wasn't expecting to jump that far,” he said. “I've improved a lot in long jump since the beginning.”



Want to help?
Those interested in sponsoring can contact Marian or Craig McLain at  517-227-1223  or 227-1090, respectively. 
"Any little bit is going to help," said Marian.