The Southern California Roadrunners competed at the USATF Youth National track and field championships on June 27 to July 1st at Maverick Stadium held at the University of Texas at Arlington returning home with 28 medals and including 7 gold medals. 18 athletes from the team competed in the Texas heat but still managed to do well in the extreme conditions. Austin Tamagno and Phillip Rocha were individual champions in their age group events and the Youth boys 4x800 relay team bettered the teams PR by 8 seconds to win and defend last years championship.

DAY 1 June 26, 2012

The Roadrunners held up under extreme heat to compete on Day 1 of the USATF Outdoor Nationals. The 2000 meter steeplechase was the 1st event of the day but the race was delayed due to equipment problems with the water barrier steeple. Races resumed 90 minutes later with Sydney LaChausse (Highland) taking 2nd place in the Intermediate girls 2000 meter steeple. In the Intermediate boys steeple Ricardo Sanchez (Riverside) placed 5th for a medal and teammate Martyn Ochoa (Riverside) placed 7th for an award.

Later that afternoon with temperature of 106 both Michael Leong (Highland) and Safia Abou Zamzam (Redlands) competed in the Midget boy and girl 1500 meter racewalk. Both obtained 7th place finishes . Mikey battled with another walker for a PR of 10:10. Safia placed with a time of 10:37.20.

DAY 2 June 27, 2012

Roadrunners take home the Gold with an overwhelming win by 45 seconds in the Youth boys 4x800 relay with a new team record and PR for the team with 8:31.95 . This is the fastest time in the Nation.

Xolan Brown (Loma Linda) led off and established a sizeable lead by his second lap. Andrew Wilson (Redlands) extended the lead with one of his fastest 800 times of the season handing off with a 100 meter lead. Alexis Gonzalez (Riverside) kept the momentum and the lead and lapping 3 other teams. His run and the others prior set the tone for Phillip Rocha (San Gabriel Valley) the anchor runners to wrap up the race and sealed the deal. Phillips strong leg help the team dominate the race with second place Track Houston 45 seconds behind.

DAY 3 June 28, 2012

Many Roadrunners were preparing to compete in the 800 metere qualifying rounds but it was Austin Tamagno (Brea) got the team off to a great start by winning the Intermediate boys 3000 meter run clocking 9:04.95 for the National championship. Martyn Ochoa was also in the race placed 14th with a time of 10:03.81.

Running in the 800 meter qualifiers were Jasmine Alexander (Rialto) in the Midget girls division, Alexis Gonzalez, Erik Gonzalez and Xolan Brown in the Youth boys 800 . Phillip was scratched. Xolan would be the lone qualifier for Saturdays finals. Xolan won his heat with 2:06.12. Aric Crowell (Claremont) raced in the young mens division of the 800 running 2:01.82 for 5th in his heat.

Later that afternoon Mikey Leong would compete in the Midget boys turbo javelin placing 12th with 20.19 meters. The Youth boys 4x400 relay team (Xolan, Andrew, Alexis, Gabriel Lucatero) would be passed on to finals.

Day 4

The Roadrunners arrived at Maverick Stadium loaded with some of the best 1500 meter runners in the country for the 1500 m qualifying rounds with only 12 to be advanced to finals. Only Youth and above age groups had to compete in the qualifying rounds.

In the Youth girls race Claire Graves (Highland) advanced taking 2nd place in Heat 1 with a time of 4:58.49 and third overall in the field of 25. Only 2 seconds separated 1st – 3rd places. Also advancing was Samantha Aguilar (Mentone) running a strong 150 meter finish to take 3rd in the second heat with 5:13.35.

The Youth boys had 33 runners compete of which 6 were Roadrunners. All would advance dominating half of the 12 spots available. There were 2 heats as well for the boys. Phillip Rocha posted the fastest time of the day in the 2nd heat with 4:20.46. (5) Xolan Brown clocked 4:23.01 taking 2nd in heat 1, (6) Erik Gonzalez (Riverside) at 4:32.98, (7) Andrew Wilson with 4:33.53, (10) Alexis Gonzalez with 4:39.38 and (12)Gabriel Lucatero finishing with 4:43.76 to take the final spot.

The Intermediate boys race , Ricardo Sanchez and Martyn Ochoa ran in heat 1 of 2 heats. Ricardo finished with 4:29.02 taking 13th overall and just missing the 12th qualifying spot. Martyn took 15th overall with 4;38.36. Austin Tamagno ran a smart race in heat 2 and clocked 4:18.71 for 2nd in his heat.

Day 5

Roadrunners sent 9 runners to compete in the 3000 meter run this day to compete in the Midget and Youth divisions. Olivia Paez (Covina) placed 7th overall for a medal in the Midget girls division with a time of 11::52.36. Jasmine Alexander ran well taking 11th overall with a time of 12:16.02.

The Midget boys 3000 meter race was split into 2 heats. Noah Tamagno (Brea) ran in heat 2 placing 10th overall with 11:01.12

In the Youth girls 3000 meter run Claire Graves challenged the front back and finished 3rd with 10:44.62. Also earning a spot on the podium was Samantha Aguilar with a 6th place finish with 11:16.17.

The Youth boys race was exciting as Phillip Rocha and Jacob Ogden of the South Orange County Wildcats exchanged the lead several times with Phillip second with a time of 9:04.45 for the silver. But again it was all Roadrunners on the podium taking 4 of the 8 spots with Erik Gonzalez third in 9:50.38, Andrew Wilson 4th in 9:53.03 and Gabriel Lucatero in 7th with 10:05.05 for a PR.

Later that same afternoon, Xolan Brown returned to the 800 Youth boys final. It was a field of fast runners and the winning time was about 4 seconds quicker than last years winning time. Xolan sprinted down the 100 meter stretch with the other competitors on his shoulder placing 4th with a time of 2:02.97.


Day 6

On the final day of competition the So Cal Roadrunners entered Maverick Stadium prepared and determined to do great and to possibly run their last races of the season. The temperatures dropped to the low 90s unlike triple digits the previous days with the threat of thunder storms looming. Gusts of wind kept it cool in addition.

In the midget girls 1500 m final there was a field of 30 runners fighting for a chance for the top 8 and earn the medal. Olivia Paez and Jasmine Alexander both ran well in this fast race. Olivia placed 13th with 5:33.91 and Jasmine 22nd with 5:48.14.

In the Youth girls division the 12 that qualified competed for the 8 medals awarded. Claire Graves placed 3rd outkicking the National 800 meter champion for the bronze just nipping her at the finish line. Her time was 4:59.32. Samantha Aguilar placed 9th with 5;13.91.

The Youth boys 1500 meter race was packed with a talented field. Phillip Rocha ran a strong and focused race taking 1st with 4:11.50 to become the new 1500 YB champion and bring home the gold. Not far behind and running his fastest time of the season was Xolan Brown placing 3rd overall with 4:15.32 for a PR and the bronze. Following in suit with a kick was Alexis Gonzalez for 6th outkicking the 800 m National champion with 4:28.73 and Andrew Wilson in 8th with 4:30.07. Erik Gonzalez placed 9th with 4:35.92 and Gabriel Lucatero placed 12th with 4:49.74.

The points earned from the 1500 meters catapulted the teams score to 2nd place in team scoring for the Club team championship.

In the Intermediate boys 1500 Austin Tamagno continued his dominance by pulling away from the field by 3 seconds on the final lap taking 1st with 4:08.35 for a PR and adding his second gold medal and National Champion title.

After the completion of the 1500 m races and 3 hours later the Roadrunners assembled a 4x400 meter team in the youth age group taking on the sprinters. The team consisting of Xolan Brown on the 1st leg got the team to a 4th place start in a field of 8 teams. Andrew Wilson running the 2nd leg did not allow other teams to pass. Alexis Gonzalez ran the 3rd leg and the anchor position was given to Gabriel Lucatero. They Placed 7th with a time of 3:54.17 and gained the final 2 points in competition.

The Youth boys team placed 2nd with 58 points using only 6 distance runners. Team Houston won with 83 points using over 25 members of their team in every event. The teams medal count of 28 surpassed last year count of 21 from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina in 2011. Outstanding job Roadrunners








2000 M Steeplechase Intermediate girls 2. Sydney LaChausse

2000 M Steeplechase Intermediate boys 5. Ricardo Sanchez 7:03.85 7. Martyn Ochoa 7:19.36

1500 m Racewalk Midget girls 7. Safia Abou- Zamzam 10:37.21

1500 m Racewalk Midget boys 7. Michael Leong 10:10.64

3000 m run Intermediate boys 1. Austin Tamagno 9:04.50 14. Martyn Ochoa 10:03.81

800 meter run Midget girls qualifying round 20. Jasmine Alexander 2:52.63

800 meter run Youth boys qualifying round 4. Xolan Brown 2:06.12Q 17. Erik Gonzalez 2:16.38

1500 m run Youth girls qualifying round 3. Claire Graves 4:58.49 Q 9. Samantha Aguilar 5:13.35 Q

1500 m run Youth boys qualifying round 1. Philip Rocha 4:20.46 Q 5. Xolan Brown 4:23.01 Q 6. Erik Gonzalez 4:32.98 Q

7. Andrew Wilson 4:33.53 Q 10. Alexis Gonzalez 4:39.38 Q 12. Gabriel Lucatero 4:43.76 Q

1500 m run Intermediate boys 4. Austin Tamagno 4:19.71 Q 13. Ricardo Sanchez 4:29.02 15. Martyn Ochoa 4:38.36

Midget boys turbo javelin 12. Michael Leong 20.19 meters / 66 ft 3 inches

3000 meter run Midget girls 7. Olivia Paez 11:52.36 11. Jasmine Alexander 12:16.02

3000 meter run Midget boys 10. Noah Tamagno 11:01.12

3000 meter run Youth girls 3. Claire Graves 10:44.62 6. Samantha Aguilar 11:16.17

3000 meter run Youth boys 2. Phillip Rocha 9:04.41 3. Erik Gonzalez 9:50.37 4. Andrew Wilson 9:53.03 7. Gabriel Lucatero 10:05.05 PR

800 meter run final 4. Xolan Brown 2:02.97

1500 meter final Midget girls 13. Olivia Paez 5:33.80 22. Jasmine Alexander 5:48.14

1500 m final Youth girls 3. Claire Graves 4:59.32 9. Samantha Aguilar 5:13.91

1500 m final Youth boys 1. Phillip Rocha 4:11.50 3. Xolan Brown 4:15.32 6. Alexis Gonzalez 4:28.73 8. Andrew Wilson 4:30.07

9. Erik Gonzalez 4:35.92 12. Gabriel Lucatero 4:49.34

!500 meter final Intermediate boys 1. Austin Tamagno 4:08.35 PR

4x400 relay Youth boys

7. SCRR (Xolan/ Andrew/ Alexis/ Gabriel) 3:54.27

Team Scoring Youth boys (40 teams ) 2. SCRR 58