This is a list of the returning cross country athletes for the extended Northwest that includes Oregon, Washington, Alaska, Idaho and Utah. Coaches and athletes, if you're not on the list and you think you should be please contact Leo at:



Simon Sorenson 10 Skyline 6th New Balance, 2nd Hoquiam

Yonaton Yilma 11 Edmonds-Woodway 3rd S Whidbey, 11th State

Joey Bywater 11 Lake Stevens 1st Cascade Conf, 2nd State, 12th FL Reg

Kelly Lynch 11 Mead 7th State

Jonathan Lafler 11 Tahoma 16th State

Ryan Prentice 11 Mt Rainier 3rd State 3A, 20th FL Reg

Andy Kimpel 10 N Central 5th State 3A


Nathan Mathabane 10 Lincoln 10th New Balance, 10th New Balance, 2nd PIL, 15th StatE
Bryce Burgess Franklin 10th Danner, 1st PIL, 3rd State

Brian Manning 11 Jesuit 18th Danner, 4th Adidas, 5th State

Peter Maag Jesuit 9th State

Taylor Morgan 11 C Cath 1st Wilsonville, 19th Danner, 1st Adidas, 1st State

Samot Turina C Cath 20th Danner, 7th Adidas, 2nd Wilsonville,, 4th State

Tim Costin 10 Springfield 2nd Saxon,

Elliott Jantzer 10 Phoenix 3rd Danner (small), 3rd Yreka,

Ryan Santana 11 Crater 4th Yreka, 30th Crater,

Grant Eldridge 11 Clackamas 3rd Saxon


Luke Puskedra 11 Judge Mem’l 1st Murray, 2nd BYU

Stephen Clark 10 Skyline 3rd Murray, 4th BYU


Eric FitzPatrick 9 Boise 7th State, 7th Driscoll Invite,23rd Tiger/Grizz



Nicole Cochran 11 Bellarmine 1st Bellarmine, 1st Puma, 1st NW Classic, 1st S Whidbey, 3rd State 4A
1st Narrows Lge, 3rd Border Clash,

Bronwyn Crossman 11 Squalicum 1st New Balance, 3rd Danner, 1st NW Lge, 1st State 3A, 5th Border,

Annie Moore 9 Sehome 2nd New Balance, 2nd Bellarmine, 2nd NW Lge, 3rd State 2A, 14th Border

Sophie Curl 10 Squalicum 4th New Balance

Lauren Bruce 9 Sehome 11th New Balance

Kayla Evans 11 Bellarmine 3rd Bellarmine, 2nd S Whidbey, 2nd Narrows Lge, 4th State 4A, 3rd Puma
5th Border

Ellie Bonner 11 Snohomish 20th Danner, 6th Bellarmine, 9th S Whidbey, 2nd Cascade Conf

Sarah Lord 10 Redmond 3rd S Whidbey, 9th State 4A, 13th Border,

Stephanie Shuel 11 West Valley 1st Ft. Steilacoom, 2nd District 3A, 3rd Richland

Anna Kalbrener 11 Gig HArbor 3rd Salt Creek, 5th Narrows Lge, 10th State 4A,16th Border

Christy Sipes 9 Gig Harbor 7th Salt Creek,

Lisa Olander 10 W Valley 1th Distr 3A, 2nd State 4A, 2nd Richland

Andrea Nelson 9 Shaddle Park 2nd State 4A

Devin McMahon 9 Redmond 6th State


Alyssa O’ Connor 10 Summit 4th Danner, 1st Saxon, 4th Puma, Injured Adidas

Michelle Dettman 11 Centennial 7th Danner, dnf State

Taylor Fitch 11 St. Mary’s 7th New Balance, 22nd Stanford

Alexa Kearns 9 St Mary’s 8th New Balance, 24th Stanford, 15th State

Emily Wheeler 9 Tualatin 12th New Balance

Taylor Nowlin 10 West Linn 13th New Balance, 9th State,

Noelle Vanrysselberg Jesuit 5th Adidas, 25th Stanford, 18th Border, 4th State

Adrienne McGuirk 11 Jesuit 14th Stanford, 22nd Border, 5th State

Shelby Brennan 11 Aloha 5th Bellarmine, 31st Danner, 8th Adidas, 6th State

Maren Westby 11 W Salem 2nd Saxon, 7th State,

Sarah Boyd Newberg 1st Wilsonville, 1st Pac Conf, 14th State

Sami Parr Putnam 2nd Wilsonville

Khalia Tidwell Gresham 3rd State

Ashley Baldovino Lakeview 1st State 3A

Shoni Schimmel Hermiston 4th State 5A


Candace Eddy 10 Davis 1st Firman, 2nd BYU Invite, 2nd State

Natalie Haws 11 Davis 4th Firman, 7th State, 2nd Murray Inv, 5th BYU

Sarah Yingling 10 Mt View 3rd State 5A, 7th BYU

Kimber Labrum 10 Mt. Crest 4th State 5A

Macinze O’very 9 Mt Crest 1st (State 4A, 8th Murray Inv, 10th BYU.

Kendy Kristensen Orem 3rd State4A

Shayla Kipp 10 Skyline 1st State 5A

Kacee Hildebrant 11 Lone Peak 9th BYU, 3rd State 5A, 9th BYU

Krystal Harper 11 Orem 13th BYU Inv, 3rd Murray

Lindsay Baker 11 Judge Mem’l 3rd BYU

Hailey Knettles 11 Judge Mem’l 2nd Firman


Leah Francis 9 Juneau-Douglas 1st Adidas, 1sr State, 17th FL Reg

Soshana Keegan W Anchorage 7th Adidas, 2nd State

Crystal Pitney 10 W V Fairbanks 10th Mt SAC, 5th State