Reagan Gallagher claimed two Hershey's state championships. Her 27.09 time in the 200-meters gives her an outstanding chance at a berth to the prestigious North American Finals in Pennsylvania. When comparing that time to last year's competitors, the 27.09 would rank as the third-fastest time in North America.


Time-wise, she did the job. Finish-wise, she did the job. Now it’s up to a selection group to see if she’ll be able to compete at the ultimate Hershey’s track and field meet.

Competing in the 11 and 12-year-old girls division, Reagan Gallagher recently captured two Hershey’s state championships in the sprints, including her bread-and-butter run, the 200-meters.

Shaving a full one second off her Region I championship time last month in Texas City, Gallagher raced to the state championship time of 27.09 seconds. At Texas City, she reached the finish in 28.14 seconds.

Her 27.09 state championship excursion is easily competitive with the best 200-meter readings for the entire United States. If one compares her 27.09 time, it would have sent Gallagher to the medals stand at the 2013 North American meet where she would have accepted the bronze medal.

The North American championship time for the 11-12 girls last year was 26.71 seconds, followed by the silver medal run of 26.79. Third place went to a young lady with the time of 27.79 seconds, over half-a-second slower than Gallagher’s most recent run.

Gallagher’s state-title run was so fast, she would have placed among the eight-fastest boys who competed at the 2013 North American Finals last year. Eighth place among the 11 and 12-year-olds in the country was a time of 28 seconds flat.

Then in the 400-meters, Gallagher captured the state crown with an effort of 1:04.59, just a hair off from her regional championship time of 1:04.20.

Again, Hershey’s events don’t allow spikes so her times aren’t truly indicative of what she’s really capable of running in either event.

“She is coming on. If we get spikes on her and we’ve been working on getting out of the blocks, 26 (seconds) is reachable. For a 12-year-old, that’s pretty good. Of course in the 400, she’s learned to attack that curve. She’s learned to run the quarter, she likes it,” summer track coach Gerardo Espinoza said Monday.

The veteran coach believes the two sprint races are complimenting each other, which can only make Gallagher stronger.

“The 200 helps in the speed and the 400 helps in the endurance. Mentally, it makes her tough. We’re looking for big things from her,” Espinoza said.

Also from the city’s summer track and field team, Hans Leza captured the bronze medal 800-meter run for the 9 and 10-year-old boys division.