At Youth Runner we're always looking for ways that teams and individuals can raise money for their travel and gear. This year with all of the hurricanes and fires there are many more needs and reasons to fundraise.

Recently, we discovered another way to fundraise for your team or organization and wanted to share it with you. It's called funds2orgs.

Most runners have a a few pairs of gently worn shoes that you've outgrown and will never wear again. Your teammates and friends can bag up those shoes and funds2orgs will pay you for them. They provide the bags, pick up the shoes, and they even have a fundraising coach that will work with you to make it easy.

Then, within 48 hours after processing the shoes they send you a check.

You can use that for travel or donate it to another team who has lost their belongings to a hurricane or fire.

Besides the fact that you will make money for your team or cause, the other part we were impressed with is that your shoes don't just go into a recycling bin, they are actually sent to other countries and worn again.


To find out more or get started they have a quick and easy sign up here:

They also have a learning center, tips, testimonials from other groups.

Check it out!