AT&T USA Outdoor Championships Athlete Quotes - Sunday

Teresa Vaill - Women's 20,000m Race Walk champion

I felt pretty good today, but I wish I had done a faster time. There just was never anyone that came up to push me. I'm excited about the PanAm Games and the World Championships. Hopefully I'll put up some fast times there.

Josh McAdams - Men's 3,000m Steeplechase champion

I felt confident coming in. Top three was my goal, but I didn't doubt that I could win. I was more nervous for the prelim than I was here. This really is a dream come true - I'm going to compete for USA and wear the USA uniform (at World Championships). To be able to put my hands up #1 across the line, it's a dream come true. (At World Championships) I'm just going to be ready for a fast prelim and if I make it back to the final, I'm confident I can come back strong.

Aaron Aguayo - Men's 3,000m Steeplechase runner-up

That last 200 meters was all guts. When I visualized this last night, I thought anything in the top seven would be great. This feels awesome - I feel like I could run it again right now. I'm just going to go there (World Championships) and race my guts out.

Thomas Brooks - Men's 3,000m Steeplechase 3rd place

I've dreamt about this so much that is doesn't seem like a reality. I would like to run under 8:20. That's my goal and making the world team. Mentally I think that I lost something in the prelims. I'm still learning how to run the rounds. You can't win in the rounds, you can only lose.

Alysia Johnson - Women's 800m champion

This is such a surreal feeling. I was just focused on staying comfortable. I found another gear the last 30 meters and it ended up being enough for me to come out on top today. This is a tremendous confidence booster.

Alice Schmidt - Women's 800m 3rd place

I'm really excited to be on the World Championship. I'm really disappointed in how I ran today. I got caught in kind of a nasty race strategy. It was a really tough race. I'm disappointed with my finish today. I wanted to run closer to my PR, I wanted to win a US Championship, but making the World Championship team is awesome.

Khadevis Robinson - Men's 800m champion

I knew if I could make it a 1:44 race, they would have to PR to beat me. I really believe in you reap what you sow and I've sown a lot of hard work. The main thing is really to get my injury 100 percent (in preparation for World Championships).

Nick Symmonds - Men's 800m runner-up

When I got to the last straightaway I knew I was going to take second. There wasn't anyone behind me with a better kick. I was pleased with the way I ran. There is no shame in losing to Khadevis Robinson. He came prepared and I respect the way that he ran that. I just had to run my own race.

Duane Solomon - Men's 800m 3rd place

It went out really quickly - I knew it was going to do that. I took it out and they kind of came up on me very quickly. Coming here, I had a plan, an agenda and I stuck to it. It's going to be a dream come true (World Championships). It is truly an honor to run with these guys.

Nicole Leach - Women's 400m hurdles 3rd place

It hasn't hit me yet. What it means is more hard work. This means a lot to me. I had to run my own race. If I didn't run my own race my coach would have killed me.

Alan Webb - Men's 1,500m champion

Bernard (Lagat) and I talked before the race and we wanted to make it a man on man race. It's a little more risky, but I would rather run against one guy then the whole field. I would rather just be on the team than risk tripping. The last 300 I felt great. I felt way better than I did in the prelim. I want to know what our 100 splits were. They were even, even, even.

Bernard Lagat - Men's 1,500m run 3rd

I was pleased (the pace) went that way. I tried to keep everything for the last 100. I think also running the 5,000 hurt me a little, but I tried to be positive. I made the team, but I was surprised at the end that I got third.

Tyson Gay - Men's 200m champion

It was probably as perfect as it's going to be in these conditions. Anytime I'm in a race with Wallace Spearmon, I want to try to run away from him. I heard some heavy breathing - I don't know if it was Wallace or me - but I think it was probably Wallace. In the 200m, I don't really think I'm considered a favorite, so to come out on top is great.

Wallace Spearmon - Men's 200m runner-up

I tried to get out with him (Tyson Gay), but I couldn't keep up. That's the second time he's done that to me, but he's my teammate so I can't get mad. I ran 19.82 earlier this season, so I thought I'd be running faster by now. I guess I should be happy (with my time) because I ran three rounds instead of one race. We're all (Gay, Spearmon, Rodney Martin) going to go (to World Championships) with the same goal. We're all shooting for the gold.

Rodney Martin - Men's 200m 3rd place

He (Gay) was so high in the lane (coming off the curve), I didn't really get to see him. I want to win (World Championship).

Allyson Felix - Women's 200m champion

I just wanted to stay focused on myself. If my body is feeling good, I definitely want to go for it (200m/400m double at World Championships). I'm going to run a few more 400's and try to put a time out there to put me in the (4x400 relay) pool.

Sanya Richards - Women's 200m runner-up

I thought I had Allyson, but she's sharper at the 200 meters than I am. I'll be ready for Osaka. Today I dug deep within myself. I didn't want that team (World Championship) to leave me. I'm still shocked I'm not going to the World Championships in the 400m, but I'm just happy to be on that team.

Torri Edwards - Women's 200m 3rd place

I feel great. My main goal was to go out and make the team. I definitely wanted to go out and win both (100 and 200m), but hopefully I can go to the World Championships and do it then.

Terence Trammel - Men's 110m hurdles champion

I just wanted to make sure I had a really good start and wanted to be mechanically sound through the tape. My confidence just built and built with every round. The goal was to make the team, but winning it is an added bonus.

Aarik Wilson - Men's Triple Jump champion

The conditions were not that bad. Most of the rain had stopped. I'm happy I came out and competed well. My goal was to jump a little farther, but I'm pleased with my result.

Jenn Stuczynski - Women's Pole Vault champion

I'm trying to keep things in perspective. My goal was to make the World Championship team. It wasn't the height I had hoped to make, but I'm happy to win. Everything I owned was wet - my poles were wet, my clothes were wet, my bodies were wet. It wasn't my best jump, but I knew it was good enough to win.

Michael Robertson - Men's Discus champion

I went out and had fun. I'm not sure what my goals are for Osaka. The weather finally cleared up. If it's raining it hurts everything. You had to take it easy and take it slow.