A day of fun in the sun was what the little athletes experienced at this year’s Pritt Ironkids event held on Saturday, 9 April in Nelson Mandela Bay.

The Pritt Ironkids is one of the most sought after events in Nelson Mandela Bay, selling out to 1000 enthusiastic kids each year. This year was no different as nearly a thousand children partook in the Pritt Ironkids, the world’s biggest Ironkids event. 2011 is a special year for this great event as it marks the fifth year that Ironkids has been held in Nelson Mandela Bay.

The Pritt Ironkids is an aquathlon event and sees children between 6 and 9 years old swim 60m and run 1.2km, whilst children aged 10 to 13 years swim 100m and run 2km. Tim, 10, seemed excited and could not wait for the race to begin. It is this excitement and love of the event that has made the Pritt Ironkids reach the heights it now enjoys.

Mr Pritt himself got stuck in as he joined the kids whilst they were being briefed on the race and gave them resounding thumbs up of encouragement and high fives all-round.

Pritt Ironkids aims to encourage children to participate in outdoor activities that promote a healthy and active lifestyle from a very young age. “We are participating in the Ironman [South Africa], so we wanted Victoria, our little starlet, to be a part of the experience as well,” an enthusiastic mother mentioned.

All the children who take part in Pritt Ironkids are winners and no times are recorded. At the official finish line hundreds of mothers and fathers awaited their kids, excited, worried and proud all at the same time. “I am so excited that I finished … it was so much fun,” said an out of breath Nicholas, aged seven. “That was so great and so much fun. I want to do it again next year,” said Dennis, also seven, expressing his enthusiasm. “It was my first time so it was nice. I’m glad I made it,” said proud little Emma, aged six.

The children also received goodies, including a Pritt bag full of treats, a medal and certificate when they crossed the official Ironman finish line. Despite the blistering heat the event went off without a hitch and was enjoyed by all involved.

The Pritt Ironkids continues to unearth young talent and potential Ironman athletes in a fun, family-oriented setting. The world’s biggest Ironkids was once again an event that Nelson Mandela Bay can be proud of, showing just why it is so thrilling to be a part of.