Zane Fodge L. and Riley Moore battle it through the finish line. Photo by Klotz Images

We met Riley Moore last year at the Washington Hershey Championship meet held in Vancouver. We were surprised how much he had improved over the year. He answered a few questions for us about his win in the Middle School Boys Mile at the Portland Track Festival on Sunday.

What have you been doing this last year to get yourself faster times?

Well for an honest answer, I really have not done much. I have been cautious about how many miles I put on my legs. I also have only been running track since about a month before Hershey last year so I am very new to the sport. The times that I have trained, it has been lower miles with a higher intensity.

What was your race strategy going into Sunday's race?

My race strategy was just to win. I just wanted to go out and keep a good pace and then to just trust my kick the last lap. If anyone wanted to pass me because they thought I was running too slow, then I would just let them go by and I would continue to keep my comfortable pace. I have lots of faith in my kick at the end of races.

How did you think Zane Fodge would do against you?

I knew that Zane was coming to compete. I've seen some of his previous races and times, and I knew that it wasn't going to be easy. I give nothing but respect to him and I was truly blessed to run on the same track with such an amazing athlete.

Any difficulties in the race or did all go as planned?

I think my pacing and the ending kick went just as I had hoped. There are always things to improve on but overall I was very proud of the race and outcome.

What were best moments for you in the race?

Honestly that feeling as I was starting my kick was the best one of all. I had run that whole race trusting in it and once I started to take the lead, the whole race just felt like a success. 

What grade will you be going into this fall and what school will you be attending?

I will be a freshman (9th grade) at Richland High School in Washington.

What other meets will you compete in this summer?

I will be competing in the 1500m at the Junior Olympics this summer. Due to my summer birthday, I will be placed in the 15-16 age division which means there will be lots of competition and I will have a chance to just get a lot better no matter what happens.

What mileage will you putting in per week throughout the summer?

I’m looking for 30 and some weeks maybe even 40 miles this summer. Once I can work my way up to this, I know it will help me build endurance and improve my times even more.