When/Where does it hurt?
- On the bottom of your foot
- Somewhere between your heel and the ball of your foot
- May hurt worst first thing in the morning when you get out of bed
- Hurts after sitting/driving for a long period of time

Why does it hurt?
- Micro-swelling around the plantar fascia tissue
- Your arch is very low
- Your arch is very high
- You have abnormal foot mechanics when you run
- Wearing the wrong shoes for your foot type
- Not wearing supportive shoes throughout the day
- You wear flip flops all the time (when not running)
- You have increased or changed your running regiment, such as doing too many miles, or running  hills more often

Road to Recovery:
- Ice
-Fill a bottle and freeze it. Then roll the ice bottle between your arch and the floor.
- Change your training plan
- You may have increased your training too quickly or too much
- Consider buying new shoes from someone who knows something about running and feet.
- Sometimes wearing a special night splint can help. The splint keeps your ankle bent so that plantar fascia does not get so tight when you sleep.
- Occasionally wearing a heel lift in your shoe will temporarily decrease the pain but should not be your long term answer
- Seek professional help: a doctor and or physical therapist who works with runners.