After a year of planning and preparation, it’s time to begin the 2009 P.A.C.E. Trek in Alaska!

School team registration is now closed and I’m pleased to report the following information:

§ 22,515 school children are registered to participate;

§ 230 teams of kids will be virtually trekking with me;

§ 33 U.S. states are represented, as well as: Australia, Cayman Islands, Germany, Japan, Malaysia, Portugal, Scotland, South Korea, and the United Kingdom;

§ Montana has the largest number of registered students (2,810), followed by Alaska (2,537), and Germany (2,396).

§ The school with the most registered students is Vogelweh Elementary, located in Kaiserslautern, Germany. They have 830 kids participating!

The 500-mile, 3-week journey begins next Monday, April 20, in Juneau, Alaska – which is the state capital. I board a plane tomorrow morning and am truly looking forward to the challenge. “Bob” (the stroller) is all packed up and ready to go. The forecast for Monday in Juneau is cloudy with a chance of showers and a high temperature of 49 degrees.

You can follow my progress daily through Alaska via my “online classroom” at I’ll be updating it frequently, but there may be times when acquiring an Internet connection is difficult and as a result some pictures/videos may be delayed from being posted. Always review previous days to make sure you haven’t missed something that was posted later.

I’m truly hoping that team leaders will send me some pictures of their teams in action at various locations around the globe. You can send me any team pictures at

My next report will be from a milepost in Alaska. Thanks to all of you who have written me notes of encouragement. Your words are truly fuel to keep me moving forward.

Gotta Run,

Paul Staso P.A.C.E. Trek (Promoting Active Children Everywhere)

P.O. Box 3404, Missoula, Montana 59806


Paul's Journal Entry Monday, March 30, 2009:

Three weeks from today I will begin P.A.C.E. Trek 2009 - a 500-mile journey through the heart of Alaska. As of today there are 13,764 children registered to participate in the trek, from 28 U.S. states as well as 6 other countries (Australia, Germany, Japan, Malaysia, Scotland, and the United Kingdom). Free team registration closes on April 16 and we're currently at 137 registered teams. Just in the last three weeks there have been 5,000 students signed up!

To the right is a photo of the road which goes to Glennallen, Alaska (a section I'll be running this spring). My mother took this photo and sent it to me. As you can see, the snow is beginning to melt and the shoulder of the road is in good condition!