Amelia Baldo will make history next weekend

The 10-year-old Palmyra native will be the first from her town to compete in the Hershey's North American Track & Field Program at Milton Hershey School on Saturday, Aug. 6. Baldo has qualified to compete among the top throwers from the United States and Canada after winning the state competition with the heave of a softball that traveled 112 feet, 7 inches.

The throw was the longest in her region, which includes Pennsylvania, Delaware, New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Washington D.C. and Quebec/NuNavut, Canada. Prior to states, Baldo won the local and district meets with throws of 96-5 and 102-9, respectively, before uncorking her winning state toss.

The meet begins at 9:30 a.m. on Aug. 6 with the parade of athletes.