Getting ready for the 2019 Outdoor Track Season

As you're getting started for your Track and Field Season should you be thinking “mileage” or minutes?


Minutes vs. Miles: Most coaches are now using minutes for training runs as the body really only knows how long you have run.

I recommend that you always have a longer day and a shorter day to ensure full recovery.


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If the longest run you have done in the past 7-days is 20 minutes, then try this 5-day running plan for 2-weeks:

Each run is pretty comfy and you should keep your breathing challenge to about a 3-4 on a 10 point scale. A “10” breathing challenge is like the last 400 of a mile race.


In Minutes:

Week 1

Mon – 20, Tues, 10-15, Wed, 20-25, Thurs – 15, Frid – 0, Sat – 25-30, Sun – 0.


Week 2

Mon – 25-30, Tues – 20, Wed – 25-30, Thurs – 15, Frid – 0, Sat 35-40, Sun – 0.


If you can do a longer run of at least 45-50 minutes at least 1x a week, consider adding one or two of the following with 1 full recovery day between:

*1 “Tempos” run, running your RPE up to a #5-6-7 over a 20 minute period.

*1 Hilly run for 30 minutes + 4-6 x 200@ from 5k down to a 1500m rhythm.

*1 Longer run

*1 Session of new interval training (check out with 3 sets of 3x200 @5k pace with a roll on of 35-30 seconds.

(A roll on means to keep moving slightly slower than the pace of the 200. Not a jog, but moving with purpose but slower than  the 200m rep. The roll on will allow the body to absorb the lactate built up with the 200m rep)


It's really cold out right now in most parts of the country so be smart with your clothing.

When your air temperatures are under 45 degrees, wear gloves, hat, long sleeves, wind breaker and running pants. You can always shed the gloves and hat and put them back on when you start to get cold or if you're running into the wind on your way home.


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