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Northwest Review – 6


It was somewhat of a quiet week in the region and in the nation.  There was a minimum of major meets this weekend with the Stanford Invitational being the major except along with the McQuaid meet in Rochester, NY & Griak in Minnesota.   Even the Danner meet (AKA – Pre-Nationals was hardly loaded, although a determined & focused Alexa Efraimson certainly made sure it would be of national interest.   Matthew Maton also was quite impressive for Summit on the guys’ side.  Joe Hardy’s second place finish at Stanford certainly made him a runner to watch nationally and we can only hope he shows what he can do on the venerable course at Balboa.   Still there was a fair amount of racing to peruse and, of course, our friends in Alaska began to qualify for their State meet, which comes early for obvious reasons.   There both Allie Ostrander and Levi Thomet took their first steps to defend their crowns.



Nike Pre-Nationals (Co-opted Danner)

In the limited time that NTN has been in existence the race has been held in the mud, which occasionally has been frozen.   The preview race has been usually been run in rather benign conditions, but this edition was certainly inclement and there for the first time, it was a true preview.   In truth it was hardly as muddy, as it normally is in December, but the wind was brutal so runners faced a difficult situation.   

The girls’ race had been billed, as a rematch between Ella Donaghu of Grant & Alexa Efraimson of Camas, who had squared off at Pier Park with the General ‘s harrier getting the nod.  There had also been hope that Sara Tsai of South Eugene would make her return to the scene and possible also challenge but she unfortunately did not appear.   Sadly for those, who wanted a head-to-head duel, that hope was quashed shortly after the gun went off, as Alexa Efraimson moved into the lead.   By the mile mark she had opened up a commanding lead and she sped by the marker in 5:28.  Donaghu followed alone ten seconds later.

Efraimson’s bold move, especially with the wind, served to break-up any pack near the front and the field had already become spread at that point.   The race upfront had already taken its position for Sam McKinnon of Mountain View held third position about five meters behind Donaghu.  If you want a feel-good story it is Sam, who showed so much promise in this very race two years ago only to be felled by a series of injuries that had compromised her racing until this fall.  She showed she had come a long way back by winning the Jimmy Driscoll & Tiger/Grizz Invitationals but now she was demonstrating her ability against a quality cast of runners.   Not far behind Mckinnon was Hannah Gindlesperger of Summit, while Charlotte Corless of Sunset & Nicole Goecke of Prairie ran in tandem.   Alissa Pudlitzke of Camas & Brooke Chuhlantseff of West Salem trailed right behind as a pair and Piper Donaghu was just behind them.   The main group gave chase a bit further back and Alexis Fuller of Union & Megan Beauchene of Kamiakin were ensconced firmly in that group.

Efraimson ran her second mile in 6:01 to bring her through two miles in 11:29, which further lengthened her lead.  Donaghu for all her efforts trailed a good 70 meters behind, while Mckinnon now ran virtually alone in third.    For those in the crowd there was little doubt at this point that a statement was being made. And Efraimson closed out the victory in a very impressive 17:50 given the conditions.   Donaghu placed second in 18:40 and Mckinnon ran a fine 18:55 to finish alone in third.   Charlotte Corless placed fourth in 19:06 after widening her lead to three seconds over Hannah Gindlesperger.   Emily Wolf of Arapaho earned sixth with 19:22 and was followed by the hard charging Rose Christen (19:26) of Central Kitsap & Nicole Goecke, who followed a second later.   Alexis Fuller moved up to take ninth in 19:32 and Paige Dilmore of Rocky Mountain garnered tenth with 19:36.   Piper Donaghu added an eleventh place finish for Grant and Olivia Powell of Creswell rounded out the top dozen with the same time, which they shared with Olivia Brooks of Summit.

 Alissa Pudlitzke added to the Camas cause by placing fifteenth in 19:45.  Other runners of note included Gracie Todd of Sheldon (19:55), Brooke Chuhlantseff (20:01) & Kennedy Allen of David Douglass (20:05).   Megan Beauchene of Kamiakin struggled during an off day placing 26th in 20:06.  The girls’ team battle saw Arroyo Grande, which was led by Talley Hill’s 14th place finish in 19:42.  The Storm of Summit was just a point back while Rocky Mountain & Camas tied for third with 145 points.   Close behind in fifth was Sunset in 149.   Gig Harbor easily won the boys; Jim Danner race with a low of 50 points.  Warren was second with 103 & Mountain View (Id) was 4th with 197.   Capital (Boise) was 5th with 204.

The guys’ race was a very different affair at least early, as the leaders ran essentially in a pack through the first mile, which was reached in 5:04.   Considering the pace it is somewhat surprising that the pack consisted of only about ten runners, but that was due in part because the Gig Harbor squad ran in tandem.   That strategy, however, eliminated one of the compelling aspects of the race:  how would the Gig leader Wolfgang Beck back up his second place effort at Firman?   The titular leader at this point was Reilly Bloomer of South Eugene, who had a slight lead over Elijah Armstrong of Pocatello, who ran a bit off his shoulder.  Tucked into that group and clearly visible near the front were the Hermiston pair of Alejandro Cisneros & Jose Macias. 

The race developed during the second mile, when Matthew Maton of Summit asserted himself.   He rolled through two miles in 10:31 with Reilly Bloomer (it appeared) & Elijah Armstrong trailing by about five yards.  Another three meters back were Alejandro Cisneros, Andrew Rafla & Sam Levora.  Jose Macias ran alone well back.

Maton widened the gap in the ensuing mile to finish by himself in 15:57.   Elijah Armstrong finished strongly to claim second in 16:04.   He was pursued by Idaho standouts Andrew Rafla of Timberline & Sam Levora of Sandpoint, who ran 16:07 & 16:14 respectively.  Rafla is in his first season of XC and is a fine story in his own right & he is improving rapidly.  Reilly Bloomer earned fifth with 16:14 and Devon Grove of Lake Washington finished sixth as the first representative from his state.  Cameron Stanish of Garfield tool seventh in 16:23 and Alejandro Cisneros was 8th in 16:28.    Dylan Hayes of Garfield & Benjamin Gonzalez of Warren each shared the time of 16:34 with Hayes getting ninth.  Germania Lizier-Zmudzinski of Forest Grove suffered his first defeat of the year placing eleventh (16:39) and Jose Macias, earned twelfth in16:41.

The Gig Harbor crew of Michael Hammer, Logan Carroll, Wolfgang Beck, Tristan Peloquin & Mahmoud Moussa sauntered in at 16:42 – not a bad time but hardly a representation of their capability.   Beck ran 15:15 at Firman on a much more difficult course but unfortunately fell early in the race and the ever articulate runner noted that he opted for discretion.      

Still it was a chance to get a look at this creation.    As was noted earlier, it is the closest approximation to December that the race has ever offered.   Hopefully it was a good experience for all and best of luck the rest of the season.


Enterprise 1 Invitational

Defending State 3A champion Katriel O’ Reilly ran with yet another team mate allowing Elly Wells the spot light & victory with 22:11.   Katriel was a second behind with her other Union squad mate McKenzie Evans, who shared the time.  David Ribich won his second invite of the year by winning on his home course.


Madras Invitational

This 5K held at the Kah-Nee-Ta Resort saw Morgan Webber of Canby triumph in 17:28, as he led Steven Cranston & three other teammates in a sweep of the top five places.  Emily Bever led her Molalla buddy Amanda Clarizia with her winning in 19:46.


Jefferson Invitational

James Hooley of East Linn Christian won in 17:21 & Lauren Stokley of Kennedy scored with 21:18 winning by forty seconds.


Nyssa Invitational

Austin Fred of Middleton topped the bill with 16:31 & Albert De Los Reyes of Nampa was second – seven seconds behind. Maria Sorrell of Parma annexed the girls’ title with 20:07.



Mt. Baker Invitational

We can’t be certain whether the winds, which ripped at Danner runners, were in evidence here, but the rain certainly made for a very muddy course.   It takes no imagination to contemplate how much a quagmire the infamous gully must have been on Saturday, so the times must be adjusted accordingly when considered.   The conditions may have slowed 2011 Foot Locker national finalist Jordan McPhee of Mt. Rainier down a bit, yet the danced through the muck on her own on her way to a dominant victory in 19:05 for the 2.97 mile course.   Kelsie Kern of Mt. Baker raced home along in 19:49, yet had the comfort of knowing she had led her team to victory.  Dandelion Kinison of Lake Stevens placed third with20:08 nipping Amy Murphy of Nooksack Valley.

Nathan Tadesse of North Surrey, BC took the lead early but Chris Fredlund Squalicum knew the course well enough to have faith that he could reel him in and he did so winning in 16:08.  Colin Magnusson of Meridian ran 16:20 to take third and Nick Gallaher of Squalicum followed in 16:37.  The invading Tadesse garnered fourth in 16:40.  


Bellevue Invitational

Andrew Foerder of Nathan Hale appears to have little problem handling the course or the competition, as he cruised home by himself in 16:00.  Riley Campbell of Tahoma was second in 16:22 and Max Leach of NH took third in 16:28.  Andrea Masterson of Lakeside scored in the girls’ race with Delaney Tiernan of Tahoma placed third in 19:27 and Elise Tello of Eisenhower was not far behind with 19:33.



King’s Invitational

Mikayla Pivec of Lynnwood took laurels with 18:53 & Andrew Ayers of King’s led the guys with 15:22.


Connell Mikayla Pivec

Mikayla Shuler of Riverside won her with 19:31 topping her teammate Rebekah Mildes by five seconds.  Cameron Johnson of Southridge edged David Thien of Chiawana by a second with 17:10.



Inland Empire Invitational

This 5K in Lewiston had two runners at least, who bear watching in the future.  Shevaun Ames of Lewiston won her third Invite of the season but with her best time by far in 18:16.  She was followed by Betsy Arlt of Eastmont, which won the gals’ team race, who ran 18:28 & Katherine Ruck of Moscow (18:47).   Chandler Teigen of Asotin remained undefeated by flying across the finish 15:43 defeating Leif Fredericks of Coeur d’ Alene Charter in the process, who chipped in with 15:54


Blackfoot Stampede

Anna Gibson of Jackson (Wy.) suggested she is another runner to watch by winning in 18:29.   This freshman began the season with times in the mid-twenty range and continues to improve.  Olivia Redd of Sugar-Salem earned second with18:40.   The boys’ title went to Driztin Herndon of Pocatello in 16:31, who had a seven second margin over Joseph Van Orden of Snake River.


Mountain Home Invitational

Jeremy Stark scored with 16:31 to edge Chase Nielsen of Kuna by two seconds.   Jocelyn Barber of Skyview led the gals with 20:06.



Region III Regional

Allie Ostrander of Kenai Central won by over a minute with 18:06 & freshman Alex Mathis of Wasilla was second in the 4A Division.   Olivia Hutchings placed third with 19:37 with Wasilla runners Mariah Burroughs (19:54) & Peggy Mathis (20:06) taking the next two places.   Levi Thomet of Kodiak won again with 16:06.   Jonah & Jordan Thiesen of Kenai claimed 2nd & 3rd with 16:42 & 16:52.  The Colony duo of Brandon Schafer & Boaz Sessom took the next two places.  


Region IV

Ty Jordan of Chugiak won with 16:05 & Seiji Takagi of South Anchorage ran 16:30.  Morgan Lash of South topped the girls with 18:21 & Aislinn Waite of Service took 2nd in 18:34 with a two second margin over Maddy Boutet of West Anchorage.  (4A results)


Region V

Taylee Nyquest won 3A with the top time here of 18:40, while Maddie Hall of Thunder Mountain led 4A with 19:03.   Riley Moser of Juneau Douglas led his team to the title here with 17:01  and Christopher Lianos of Ketchikan ran 17:19 for second.



Region II

No surprise here as freshman Briahna Gerlach of Glennallen led by over two minutes with 18:25.  Kaleb Korta was a second shy of a victory by a minute, when he ran 16:38.  Su Valley won both the girls’ & guys’ titles by being the only school to have full squads.


Region VI

Lathrop won the girls’ team titles, while West Valley renewed its stranglehold on the guys’ side.   Jenna Difolco of WV ran 19:31 to edge Megan Kubichek of Lathrop by two seconds.  Brooke Lizotte of Lathrop followed in third with 19:54.   The Wolfpack swept the top three places in the boys’ race as Max Donaldson won with 16:22 and was followed in turn by Erich Hoefler (16;26) & Jonathan Koenig (16:38).


Region I

This regional in Nome saw Rosa Schmidt of Nome-Beltz win in 22:22 & Spencer Woods of Kotzebue come in first among the guys with 19:20.

 Around the nation


Stanford Invitational

The Stanford Invitational has been one of the major meets on the national prep cross country calendar and northwest teams have a tradition of strutting their stuff in it.   This year’s addition proved to be no exception, as a number of teams chose to run on this venerable venue.  Most prominently carrying the banner for the region was Joe Hardy of Seattle Prep, who waged an individual dual with Blake Haney of Kern.  It came down to a final stretch run with the Californian just edging his Washington rival at the line.  Both runners were credited with a time of 14:58.   This was an especially impressive finish with Stanford having a national caliber field competing.  Finishing third in the race was Steve Fahy of La Costa, who ran 15:04 and topped Estevan De La Rosa of Arcadia, who was timed in 15:13.  Blair Hurlock of De La Salle garnered fifth in 15:19 & Frank Lara of Strake Jesuit followed in 15:25.   Arcadia super sophomore Phillip Rocha ran a stellar 15:25 to edge Nathan Wadhwani of Terry Fox in British Columbia by a second.  Nathan should be quite familiar to Northwest fans, because he has already claimed the Sehome and South Whidbey Invitationals this year.   Tai Braude of Torrey Pines, the winner of the Bronco Invite, took ninth with 15:29 and Matt Holton of Rancho Cucamonga came in tenth.   Aaron Roe of Henry Jackson zipped home in 15:39 and was the first junior in the race as well with his eleventh place effort.  

The boys’ team title went to Arcadia with a low of 100 points, while La Costa followed with 165.  De La Salle placed third with 189 points.  Seattle prep led the Northwest teams with an eighth place total of 325 & was aided by the 42ndplace finish of Keegan Larry, who ran 16:30.  Bellarmine Prep came in tenth with 337 points and was led by Quentin Purtzer, who finished 27th with 16:17.   Jackson grabbed eleventh place among the 33 teams in the division amassing a score of 345 points.  Aside from Roe, Jackson also received a fine 24th place finish by Jadon Olson, who ran 16:10.

The girls’ race also boasted a stellar field yet Foot Locker finalist Fiona O’ Keefe was the best and she scored and eleven second victory despite the array of talent.  The Davis star was timed in 17:38.  Veronica Yamane of Arcadia continued her fine season with a second place finish in 17:49.  Emma Abrahamson of La Costa ran 17:57 and Lauren LaRocco‘s 17:59 for St. Francis made her the last runner under eighteen minutes.  Sydney Badger of Centennial powered home in 18:04 and Sofia Castiglioni of Davis took sixth in 18:09.  Seventh went to Foot Locker national finalist Julia Maxwell of Branson, who clocked 18:11.  Emi Prim in Franklin followed in 8th with 18:15 and Erin Holton of Rancho Cucamonga took 9th in 18:23.  Oregon star Paige Rice of St. Mary’s Academy aided her team’s effort with a fine tenth place finish in 18:24 and Madison Rawson of St. Francis came in 11th.

There was a fairly tight race for the team title in the Elite race but Trabuco Hills earned a 97 to 105 victory over La Costa Canyon.  Davis of California placed third with 163 and Bellarmine Prep led the area contingent with 280 points, which was good for seventh. Bellarmine was led by Emily Thomas’s 28th place finish in 19:14 plus Jordan Thurston’s 19:26 (45th).  St. Mary’s Academy finished eleventh with 328 and was aided by Mary McCullough’s 40tj place time of 19:23. Henry Jackson finished fifteenth with 406 points and was led by Brooke Kingma, who earned 32nd with 19:15.   That placement is especially good, when you consider the strength of the field & that Brooke finished three places ahead of defending Nevada State champion Katie Gorczyca.

There was an Oregon connection in the Division 4 race, for San Lorenzo Valley, coach by former Centennial great Rob Collins, won that race with 98 points.  Its leader Anna Maxwell won the race with the best female time of the day of 17:23.  Her team mate Claire McMillan finished eleventh in 19:03.

Not to be overlooked is the effort of Cleveland (Portland) squads in Division 4.  The girls placed 9th and the boys were tenth.   Emma Wren ran 19:02 and came in fourth, while Bryn Malone added 27th place finish.   Nabi Amin clocked 16:41 to lead the guys.



Mountain West Invitational

Makena Morley, a two-time Foot Locker finalist, annexed her third straight title here with probably her best race of the year.  The Big Fork runner’s time for 3M at altitude was 16:43.  Christina Aragon of Billings placed 2nd in 17:29 and McCall Skay of West Valley took third in 17:46.   Ruby Watson of Sehome finished fourth in 17:50, while Piper Meuswissen of Bozeman followed with 17:54.   Sadi Henderson of Corvallis (Ut.) was sixth in 17:56 and Emily Callahan of Coeur d’ Alene took 7th a second later.  Watson is a product of Whatcom Tesseract, which aided Patrick Gibson, who qualified for Foot Locker last year for Squalicum.  Ninth and tenth went to Andie Creel of Bozeman (18:05) and Ashley Dyer of Idaho Falls, who clocked 18:08. 

Emily Pittis, two-time Washington State 2A champion, had an off day with an 11th place time of 18:10.  Others of interest were Caroline Hardin & Aja Starkey of Bozeman who r placed 13th & 14th with 18:11 & 18:14.

Aidan Reed of Helena earned honors among the young men with a brisk 15:06 & Nicholas Hauger of Shadle Park challenged him at 15:07.   Jason Holmes of Bozeman clocked 15:13, & Anthony Schmalz followed in fifth with 15:28: sharing that time with Scott Sullivan of Centennial.  Despite the heady times the runners flew in fast, as both Tyler Morgan of Laurel & Ian Andres of Gonzaga Prep came in at 15:29.   Easton Albert of Hamilton was 9th with 15:37, Kade McCutcheon of Kalispell was 10th (15:40) & Jake Finney of Lake City claimed tenth with 15:41.   Jonathan Eastwood of Belgrade took 11th in 15:42 just ahead of Michael Martel of Bozeman, who was the first of three runners at 15:43. 

Bozeman topped CDA 46 to 97 in the girls’ race.  Kalispell Glacier won a close battle with Bozeman (184) & University (188) for the guys’ crown. 



Roy Griak Invitational

With Coach Roy Griak himself on hand to celebrate fifty years at the University the race offered great racing, as usual on the prep and collegiate levels.  Jordyn Colter, a Foot Locker finalist from Cherry Creek, out-legged Anna French from Wayzata by twelve seconds winning in 17:47 for 5 K.  McKenzie Yanek of Pleasant Valley ran 18:02 for third and Megan Reilly, yet another Foot Locker finalist, took 4th with 18:11.   Brittany Brownotter of Bismarck was a notable sixth in 18:28. 

On the guys side Obea Ali of Richfield scored a three second victory over Olin Hacker of Madison West.   Hacker is a junior & his father participated in the very first Foot Locker race in 1979, when a certain shoe company was catering to basketball players.   Addison DeHaven, who qualified for FL in 2011, came in third with 15:33 and Chandler Austin took 4thin 15:40.  The times were swift even at this point and Connor Olson flew in at 15:41 yet was only fifth.   Keegan Hurley of Perham placed sixth with 15:48 and Albert Meier, Evan Schulte and Will Lauer all dipped under sixteen minutes with Ian Torchia of Rochester Lourdes just missing at 16:00.8. 



Midwest Invitational

This meet brought a reversal of form from last week, when Natalie Schudrowitz won the Angel Invitational defeating Isabel Seidel.   This week Seidel of Heartland trailed Ann Davis of Madison Edgewood until late in the race before sprinting by her down the stretch in 14:06 for the 4K course.   Davis finished second in 14:19 while the Wautwatosa East star was third with 14:22.  Ryan Nameth of Verona moved after two miles to claim the boys’ title in 15:15 & Dubuque’s Mark Farley followed in 15:48.  Ethan Moehn of Monroe placed third & Tyson Miehe of Darlington was a surprising 7th.



Running Fit Coaching Legends

The times might not suggest it but Andrey Belf of Birmingham Seaholm and her rivals ran a five 5K on Saturday.   Her time was a rather stunning 17:02, which left Lauren Brasure of Rockford well in her wake in spite of a splendid 17:29.  That duo was only the apex of a fine field, which included third place Ersula Farrow of Grosse Point, who ran 17:52, and Marissa Dobry of Seaholm, who was fourth despite running 17:57.   Elianna Shwayder of Saline came in fifth with 18:02.

The guys’ times were quite fine too with Michael Buffin of Grand Ledge showing the way with 15:46.  Kunal Tangri of Troy was second in 15:55 & Nate Fraser of Holly tool third in 15:59.  Alec Toreki of Romeo (16:03) & Jareb Dugan of Hartland (16:05) completed the top fifth with Zane Berlanga of Plymouth just missing yet also at 16:05.



Xavier Invitational

This meet saw an upset of sorts, when Jacquelyn Crow, the defending Ohio D1 champion, met defeat at the hands of Annie Heffernan of St. Ursuline, who remained undefeated.   Heffernan’s time of 17:30 was a course record and gave her a surprising gap over the Lebanon champion, who ran 18:17.   Xavier stalwarts Michael Hall & Evan Stifel had the race to themselves upfront in the young men’s race with Hall  taking the victory in 15:41 – well of his CR of 15:26.   Stifel was second in 15:46. 

Midwest Meet of Champions

Boardman’s Mark Hadley romped here to the tune of 15:15.  Chardon ran but Nick Ellswick was not listed among the finishers, so one has to wonder.  Jake Mandel of Jerome ran a fine 15;34 to take second & Tevin Brown of St. John’s Jesuit was third with 15:37.  Andrew Johnston of Olentangy Liberty followed in 15:42 & Patrick Ferguson of Tallmadge edged Matt Bromley of Sheridan by a second for fifth with 15:44.  It was yet another race with numerous runners, including Mitch Leitch, Nick Weaver, Chase Stewart, Stephen Sparks, Jake Brumfield & Eric McCabe all dipping under the sixteen minute barrier.   The young ladies’ race did not have the same sterling quality but Emma Bryant of Butler  led the group with 18:39.  Heather Sandvik earned 2nd wit 18:48.  


Woodridge Invitational

The 5K in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park was won by Garrett Crichlow of Twinsburg in 16:51, while girls’ honors went to Josie Woosley in 20:46.


Eagle Invitational

Erin Gyurke of Oregon Clay led with 18:41 & Dylan Dombi of Medina scored against the guys with 16:06.


Bettsville Booster Invitational

Jared Stockman of Seneca East won wit 15:52.  Carson Piper finished in 16:42 with 2nd.


Stark County

Jacob Kernell of Uniontown Lake cruised with 15:55.


Panther Invitational

Toby Hardwick of Newark won with 15:59, as the girls’ title fell to Hannah Campbell in 18:46.


New York

McQuaid Invitational

This venerable meet always brings in a fine array of talent and once again this proved to be the case.  This traditional course at Genesee Valley Park by Rochester went to Courtney Smith of Unionville (Pa) in 16:46.   She overwhelmed a very strong field, which included Abbey Wheeler of Elmira (17:01) & Katie Lembo, a Foot Locker finalist from Penfield, who ran 17:03.  Marissa Sanger of Clarence was coming off a victory last week, yet was 4th here in 17:04.  Jessica Lawson of Corning followed in fifth with 17:07 & Annika Avery of Fayetteville-Manlius was sixth in 17:13.   Unionville runners Olivia Young (17:17) & Emily Fisher (17:18), who placed ahead of the Rush-Henrietta duo of Alex Cooper (17:26) & Siobhan Quinn (17:27).  Laura Leff, a 2011 Foot Locker finalist from West Genesee added an 11th place finish in 17:39.

That, of course, was just the AAA Division and other divisions went to Alyssa Bolliger of Our Lady of Lourdes (AA – 17:22) and Kennedy Weisner of Elk County, another Foot Locker finalist, who ran 16:54 to win A by almost a minute. 

The guys’ saw Mickey Burke of Rush-Henrietta hide from the field in 14:25.  Bryce Miller of FM was a distant second with 14:45.   Josh Dyrland of Irondequoit placed 3rd in 14:48 & Andrew Berge of FM added a 14:55 to edge Tyler Ranke of Hilton by a second.  TJ Hornberger of Lake Shore won AA with 14:55 for a 23 second victory.  FM won the boys’ team race but was second in the girls’.



This meet in Utica had its 71st edition this year & was run at 3.1 miles.  Pat Murphy of Dusnesburg won in 16:53.  Taiya Williams of Notre Dame-Bishop Gibbons topped the girls with 19:58. 


Bowdoin Park Classic

This is a famed course but challenging so 5K times must be taken into account.  Mike McClemens received strong competition form a number of runners but emerged victorious in 16:02.  Blaise Ferro, also from CBA, followed four seconds later & Sean Kelly of Chaminade was third in 16:07.  Kelly’s teammate Thomas Slattery followed in 16:08.   The girls’ winner was Tiana Guevera of Miller Place, who defeated Marin Warner of Holmdel by four seconds.


New Jersey

Six Flags Invitational

This was another meet with numerous divisions to help water down the pool of talent & competition.  Josiah Hanko of Trinity Catholic had the best time of the day with 15:44 to win A.  Benito Muinz led AA with 15:58.  Julia Guerra of Indian Hills was the best of the girls with 18:21.  Marianna Lansing won again as she captured the A Division in 18:37.


Passaic Coaches Invitational

Tom O’ Neill of Middletown showed the way in Group3 with the fastest time of the day with 15:40, as he edged Brendan Ungemach of Wayne Hills, who credited with the same time.  Clarissa Modde of Vorheess was the best of the gals & G3 winner with 19:10.      


Rhode Island

This race featured from various states but it was the Red Bank girls of New Jersey, who made a statement.   The 5K event was claimed by Abbie McNulty of Bishop Feehan, who ran 17:48.  Claire Howlett followed with 18:01 for Westhill.   Dan Romano of Mansfield led they guys with 16:08.



Cowboy Jamboree

This event in Stillwater has the guys run a 5K, while the girls are stuck with a lousy 3200.   Spencer Haik of Glendale ran 16:10 to win by six seconds over Cody Jones of Jenks, which won the team race.   Skylar Simon of Grapevine (Dallas area) ran the girls’ version in 11:29.



Littleton Runner’s Roost Invite

Liam Meier of Summit finished seventeen seconds before the rest of the field by running 16:29.   Lexi Reed of D’Evelyn was one of only two young ladies, who broke twenty with her 19:12.