Northwest Review  11


State meet action was front and center in Oregon and Idaho, while Washington held its qualifiers for this Saturday’s meet in Pasco, which sadly we will miss for the first time in years.  Hats off to Ella Donaghu & Kyle Thompson in Oregon 6A but the 5A triumphant performances in 5A of Matthew Maton and Hannah Gindlesperger of Summit were truly special.  If ever there was a victory, which seemed like vindication it was that of Mitchell Butler of Siuslaw, who has finished second seemingly forever.  He probably would have even won as a freshman except for a fall in the mud, so this year’s victory seemed quite fitting.    (He placed only 24th in truth)

Sam Mckinnon ’s triumph in the large school race in Idaho gave one a wonderful feeling as well after having had to be compromised so long by physical issues, while Elijah Armstrong’s third title was hardly unexpected it was  distinctively dominant.   There was much to like also in Andrew Rafla ‘s signature win over defending champion Dwain Stucker in 5A.  There were more than those talents, who could quality for Foot Locker on hand here.  

That of course was just the Northwest and a fair number of States held their climactic events on Saturday.  Ohio saw Mark Hadley, Michigan had Grant Fisher& Audrey Belf, while Tennessee witnessed not only Aaron Templeton but the team brilliance of Brentwood.   And those are just a few of the highlights from a weekend with plenty of action.    



We already covered the girls’ 6A and 5A action separately and will not be redundant and merely include a link.   The guys’ 6A race went down pretty much as anticipated with Kyle Thompson of Central Catholic and Reilly Bloomer coming down as the final co-conspirators but it was an interesting event especially with Trey Hargrove of McKay leading everyone up the first hill, which is on the side of the track.   Even there, however, the race was taking shape early as Thompson & Bloomer were clearly visible just a behind him along with Geremia Lizier-Zmudzinski of Forest Grove, Ahmed Ibrahim of Reynolds and Nick McDaniel of McMinnville were also positioning to be in contention.  

The mile went in a rather pedestrian 4:55, which left few really out of the picture.   Beyond the afore-mentioned runners behind Thompson were Ray Schireman of North Medford & Jackson Mestler of Sheldon.  The Ollar twins of West Linn also were neatly tucked in at this point.

It should be noted however that it was Thompson, who carried the burden of the pace work and he was the titular leader at the 2K mark near the road.   He made a distinct glance at that point to Ibrahim, who ran off his left shoulder. Bloomer held a position off Kyle’s other shoulder to the right with the chase pack also including McDaniel and Lizier-Zmudzinski.   At the time they had already separated themselves from the main group, which saw four Ram runners controlling that action.   It may have been early in the contest but it was already pretty clear that CC was going to live up to its expectations.   Jean Baptitste Tooley was ensconced clearly in the center with Sam Truax, Gunnar Vik & Daniel Thompson, while Sam Lomax was a bit removed.   Only Dante Dalla Gasperina who has been hindered by a stomach issue, according to Coach Dave Frank, was out of the picture.  

The traditional next portion of the race was the circumnavigation of the pond, which Thompson used to press the pace.   By the time he cruised past the far end he had succeeded in dropping both Schireman and Lizier-Zmudzinski, who were seemingly were relegated to a duel for fourth.   They reached the two mile almost immediately after racing away from the pond with Thompson forging the lead and Bloomer trailing about five meters back.  The time at that point was9:54 so the leader was running a relatively evenly split race.    Ibrahim remained in contact another five meters behind Bloomer.     Well back now was Lizier-Zmudzinski while Schireman began fading noticeably.   Looming only a reasonable gap behind him loomed four Ram runners at the time.   

Upon reaching the hill by the track Thompson launched himself up the ascent, which dropped Ibrahim so that by the time they reached the soccer field once again only Bloomer had a viable chance of winning.   With the earlier pace a bit lacking both had more than a bit to give during the ensuing portion of the race and the CC star used it to try to break Bloomer, who seemed to give way first yet would always respond.   It was a classic point – counter point race, which made many feel the race would come down to the final strides but Thompson had honed a potent kick during the spring track campaign and once on the track he ripped a formidable 300 meters to win going away in 15:22.  Bloomer followed with a fine mark of 15:27 to take second.

Geremia Lizier-Zmudzinski found something left during the last mile to overhaul Ahmed Ibrahim to finish alone in third with 15:46 to finish six seconds ahead of the game Reynolds runner.  Sam Truax gave Ram hopes a big lift by claiming fifth in 15:53 and Kenny Freeman of Roseburg soared in sixth a second later.   Gunnar Vik of CC added a seventh place finish in 15:55 to just edge Roam Ollar of West Linn, who earned the distinction of being the top sophomore & shared the time.   Jackson Mestler placed ninth and also was given the time before Sam Remington of Jesuit came home in tenth with 15:59.   TJ Wright of Sheldon gave Irish fans hope by garnering eleventh in 16:01 but Daniel Thompson was on his shoulder in 12th and Sam Lomax added 13th in 16:02.   Schireman was given the same mark and came in 14th.   Jean Baptiste Tooley punctuated the Ram triumph by claiming 19th in 16:13 with Sheldon only having their top three crossing the line at that point.  

Ahmed Muhumed of David Douglas, who is list as a freshman, finished 21st in 16:20 and Grayson Ollar of the Lions was 22nd in 16:27.   While the Rams loose only Kyle Thompson & Gasperina next year it is worthy of note that West Lion has a team that is made up of sophomores this year, so it should prove interesting.   The final team total saw Central Catholic come away with a 33 to 94 verdict over Sheldon with South Eugene a distant third with 118.   (Thanks for on the spot reports from Jim Satterfield, Dan Kesterson & Joe Mallon)

Matthew Maton of Summit but with his victory in the 5A race he has to be considered as one of the best in the United States.   After his almost wire to wire victory it is hard to say he is anything but formidable and it is fervently hoped that he challenges the best in the nation on classic courses, where a victory truly means something.   Despite an excellent race from Jose Macias of Hermiston Maton spread-eagled the field and there was only a race until shortly after the hill a half mile into the race.   Even at that point he was clearly in the center of a group that included both Macias & Alejandro Cisneros of Hermiston along with Nabi Amin of Cleveland & Tyler Jones of Summit.

Maton took off soon after and left any vestige of a race being for second.   He was alone when they returned to the soccer field and well ahead of the chase pack, which was led by Cisneros.  Caleb Hoffman was third at that point just ahead of Macias, while the rest of the field already was spread out along the trail.    Maton rolled past the 2K with a good twelve second lead but by this time it was Jose Macias, who had taken over second ahead of Huffman and Cisneros.

Speeding around the pond there was no doubt that Maton was far more concerned with his time than he was about his competition and he looked fluid and well within himself despite the pace.   He reached the two mile mark after leaving the pond in a brisk 9:36 and he did not even bother to look back.   Jose Macias had taken command of second by then and had created a large gap over Caleb Hoffman.  The valiant Cisneros was already showing it was not his day and was already looking back & his case is illustrative of the vagaries of the running experience.   You can do everything right including building a solid base during the summer but sometimes on race day you just do not feel right.  Still to see him at that point was misleading, for he would show that he was indeed resilient despite not being anywhere near 100%.  Another twenty meters behind him loomed a pack that included Jones, Isaac Kiefer of Sandy & JP Kiefer of Marist.

Maton flew down the grade into the soccer bowl and actually lost some time, because the crew was late in displaying the way and was well on his way to victory.   Macias looked smooth and strong as he followed alone well ahead of Caleb Hoffman.   Isaac Mitchell had recently taken over fourth at this point and had a ten meter margin over Dakota Thornton of Mountain View, JP Keifer, Tyler Jones, and a clearly suffering Cisneros.

There was no faltering during the final stages with Mathew Maton blazing home in an almost stunning 14:59.   No one has ever approached that except for Jeff Hess and David Frank, who ran in 1978 on the clearly short course.  It would be nice, however, if the current course included the second trip into the soccer bowl, which used to be the case.  No matter how one looks at it there is no denying that Maton ’s race was one for the ages.   Over-shadowed a bit was the splendid effort of Jose Macias, who placed a solid second in 15:50.   Caleb Hoffman followed in 15:54 to claim third and Isaac Mitchell took fourth in 16:05.   

Although it was clearly not Alejandro Cisneros day he dug deep and somehow regrouped to get back to secure fifth place in 16:08.   More impressively he did not just stumble into the chute, for he held off the closing rush of Tyler Jones, who had tried to catch him once again & shared the time.  JP Kiefer placed 7th with 16:11 and Sam King of Mountain was the first of a trio from his team, as he crossed the line 8th in 16:11.   Dakota Thornton came home in ninth (16:14) and Gabe Wyllie was tenth in 16:17.   Michael Francy of Liberty, who was always near the chase pack earned 11th in 16:18before Summit ensured the team triumph by sweeping the next three places.  Alex martin ran 16:21 & both Matthew Sjogren and Chris Merlos were credited with 16:26.   For those, who like to look into the future, all Summit runners should return.

 Siuslaw continued its fine tradition in 4A with Mitchell Butler leading the way in 15:37 and Mack Marbas following him home in 15:41.    Jake Hiatt of Sweet Home was a distant third with 16:10.   David Ribich of Enterprise was the only 3A runner to break sixteen minutes and his time of 15:58 gave him a thirteen second victory over Zach Bellew of Creswell.

Shaylen Crook of Marshfield clocked 18:28 in annexing the girl’s 4A crown and Emily Bever of Molalla placed second in18:59.  She had the satisfaction of leading her squad to tea, laurels with a low of 50 points.  Celie Mans of Siuslaw ran19:01 for Siuslaw and is only a freshman.   McKenzie Evans of Union deprived her teammate Katriel O’Reilly of a second State title by taking a 23 second victory in 18:42.  Union easily swept the team laurels with a low of 35 points & repeated as team champion.  Olivia Powell of Creswell, who won the 3A crown I 2011, finished third in 19:30.    O’ Reilly completed a stellar four year prep career with three second place finishes (2010, ’11 & ’13), while Evans, who did not represent Union at state as a freshman, improved from third as a sophomore, second as a junior and now reigns as champion.



The state meet was held at Freeman Park in Idaho Falls this and Pocatello’s Elijah Armstrong claimed his third straight 4A despite only being a junior.    While numerous state champions are crowned largely, because they are in smaller and weaker divisions, this is hardly the case with Elijah, who had the fastest time of the day.  His clocking in15:41 was best by fourteen seconds and it was enhanced by the fact that he led his squad to the team title a well.  Saturday was quite a day for the Armstrong family as a whole, because his younger brother not only shared in the team victory but placed third behind his brother in 16:33 despite only being a freshman.    Sandwiched between the duo was Sam Levora of Sandpoint who was timed in 16:20.  

Jerry Cook of Moscow garnered fourth in 16:37 and Haydin Herndon of Pocatello added a fifth place effort of 16:45.  Sixth went to Jeremy Stark of Twin Falls in 16:51 & Daniel Elia of Bishop Kelly led his team to a second place finish by earning 7th with 16:53.  Matt Schenk of Twin Falls ran 17:00 with Driztin Herndon chipping in a ninth place finish for Pocatello in 17:08.   The top ten was rounded off by Eric Albertson of BK (17:14) and Pocatello’s Parker Jensen completed his team scoring by taking 11th in 17:19.   Last year Elijah Armstrong narrowly missed being one of the rare Idaho qualifiers at Foot Locker by finishing 11th at the West Regional & we hope he will challenge the Mt. SAC course once again & join us in sunny San Diego. 

While we are looking at the 4A division we’ll stay there to note that Caitlin Elgan of Preston claimed female laurels with her mark of 19:29.   Molly Vitale-Sullivan of Pocatello challenged her and finished only three seconds behind her.  Katherine Ruck of Moscow finished third with 19:49 & Lindsey Rayborn of Century was 4th in 19:56.

In 2011 Sam McKinnon raced at the Pre-National race at Portland Meadows and showed show much promise.   She placed fourth in a strong field that included Maddie Meyers, Jordyn Colter & Alexa Efraimson plus defeated Sara Tsai among others in a time of 18:03.  It was not long after that, when injury struck and for the next two years suffered a litany of physical issues, which limited her running. Finally this fall she was finally healthy again and her racing attested to it.   She won the Driscoll, the Tiger/Grizz & the Clash In the Valley before winning her District Meet in 17:55 in what Sam described as the “best moment ever!”   In Saturday’s 5A race she faced a strong field that included Caldwell & Ward Invitational winner Mikayla Malaspina, who had also finished 16th in the 2011 foot Locker West Regional, defending champion Emily Hamlin of Boise along Emily Callahan of Coeur d’ Alene & Paige Dilmore of Rocky Mountain.   With a thousand meters to go, that group remained with her along with Kara & Krista Story of CDA, when she decided to surge and go for the victory.  Sam ‘s effort eliminated everyone but Malaspina, who McKinnon called “so tough” and Mikayla remained in contention for some time.  

The course in Idaho Falls is tough with five hills and it also features numerous turns, which allows the runners to hear the crowd yell, so Sam knew Mikayla remained in contact.   The sound only aided her cause, as she noted that it is better for her “to run with fear” than to have a lead and become complacent.   In the final stretch of the race she was determined to push hard and “left everything out there” coming in alone in18:26 on a demanding course.  It had to be one of the ‘feel good’ stories of the year in our sport to overcome all the adversity and triumph with a commanding victory.   Vallivue’ Mikayla Malaspina finished alone in second with 19:05 and Emily Callahan of Coeur d’ Alene claimed third in 19:14.   Emily Hamlin led Boise to a second place finish with her 4th place effort of 19:28.  Krista & Kara Story aided the Coeur d’ Alene cause with their 5th & 6th place effort of 19:29 each, which pretty much salted away the team title.  Sara Mussleman of Rocky Mountain finished 7th in 19:35 with Caitlin Conway of CDA following in 8th in 19:42, as she nipped Taylor Weatherby of Idaho Falls, who shared her time.   Katie Weedn of Centennial ran 19:46 for tenth and Highland runners DiSeanna Kilgore (19:49) and Presli Hutchinson (19:54) came home 11th & 12th.   Paige Dilmore of Rocky Mountain secured 13th with 19:57 and Erin Hagen of Mountain View annexed 14th with the final time to break twenty minutes (19:59).

Another interesting storyline is that of Andrew Rafla of Timberline, who is a senior yet only in his second year of cross country.   Not only that but he did not run in the state meet last year.   This season he scored a number of victories including Caldwell,   Winston & the Clash In the Valley but on Saturday he faced Dwain Stucker of Meridian, who was the defending 5A champion.  Rafla pretty much used the same strategy as McKinnon to pull away in the final third of the ace and win with a time of 15:54.  Stucker was well of last year’s winning time of 15:42 and checked in with 16:18.  Drew Schultz of Capital took third in 16:31 & Kyle Little of Lake City followed four seconds later.   His teammate Jake Finney finished in 16:37 to edge D’ Artagnan Kilgore of Highland, who shared the time.   Jared Capell of Mountain View ran 16:37for 7th & his teammate Noah Horsburgh, who was timed in 16:43.    Garrett Plant of Rocky Mountain (16:45), Zach Wilberg of Capital (16:48) and Jon Stutz of Madison (16:52) rounded out the top eleven.  Will Eddy of Hillcrest was the last runner under seventeen with his time of 16:57. 

Olivia Redd of Sugar Salem topped D3 with 19:22 topping Cambi Hassell of Shelley, who ran 19:49.   The guys’ winner was Austin Stewart with 16:35 and was the only runner in the division to break seventeen minutes.   Kelsey Yamauchi led a sweep of five runners from Soda Springs with a winning mark of 19:37.  The perfect score of only fifteen points was the eighth straight title.   W Leif Fredericks, also from Soda, ran 17:00 for the male title.




Washington State HS Championships at Pasco

The state of Washington has a long and impressive history in cross country, which goes back at least to the 1960’s when Gerry Lindgren & later Don Kardong put up some marks that turned heads.  Even at that it has not been an all male show either & Kathy Knowlton & Kris Katterhagen represented the State at Foot Locker in its second year.   Just in this century Brie Felnagle and Megan O’ Reilly made noise at Foot Locker.  Some fans may have thought that there might be a slight downward slide with the graduation of Amy-Eloise Neale and Katie Knight last spring but Alexa Efraimson of Camas strongly suggested she may be the best ever after blazing the Sun Willows course in Pasco in a record 17:01.  Early reports suggested that Alexa had broken seventeen minutes but no matter:  hers was a stellar effort.   Her clocking saw her finish almost a minute ahead of a field that was hardly lacking in talent. 

Lindsey Bradley of Richland ran a fine 17:56 to claim second ahead of Alexis Fuller of Union, who ran 18:05.   For Fuller it was her second third place finish in a row after coming home second as a freshman.   Brenna Peloquin of Gig Harbor raced across the line in 18:06 to claim fourth and Amber Rose of Inglemoor followed in 18:11.   Coming in sixth was Alissa Pudlitzke of Camas, who ran 18:18, and Sofia Kane, a senior from Olympia, had the distinction of being the first non-junior to finish with 18:24.   Delaney Tiernan of Tahoma garnered 8th in 18:26 & Rose Christen of Central Kitsap ran 18:27to nip Elise Tello of Eisenhower, who shared the time in tenth.    Maizy Brewer of Skyline was also credited with that clocking.

Jordan McPhee of Mt. Rainier closed out her fine career, that included a State championship & a berth in Foot Locker nationals as a sophomore, with a 12th place time of 18:34.  Right behind her was Emily Thomas of Bellarmine Prep, who led her squad to the team title with a low of 92 points.   Cross Country is a true team sport with the top five runners playing an integral part in a team’s fate.   That certainly in evidence on Saturday, when Hannah Derby struggled through an off day.   Relegated to fifth runner due to the vagaries of racing, Bellarmine ’s fate rested on her, as she negotiated the terrain but she kept it together and closed  with a gutsy final 1000 Meters to give Coach Matt Ellis and the team what it needed.   With that Camas placed second with 105 points and Tahoma came in third with 125.   The fact, that the sixth runner can also be very crucial was also in evidence, as Snohomish ended up with 193 points like Central Kitsap but the difference between fifth & sixth was Shawna Krueger, who placed 73rd but more importantly finished before Central Kitsap ‘s sixth girl.

Lakeside runners Andrea Masterson and Sophie Cantine led the way in 3A with Masterson winning in 17:50 & Cantine taking second in 18:02.  Nicole Goecke of Prairie closed out her prep XC career with a third place effort of 18:13.  It is at tribute to the effort she has put in during her four years, as she progressed from a 28th place finish as a freshman, 16th as a sophomore and 7th last year.  Brigette Takeuchi of Liberty-Issaquah finished 4th with 18:31 & Kaylee Sanchez of Kamiakin ran 18:41 to claim fifth.   Although Glacier Peak graduated both Amy-Eloise Neale & Katie Bianchini, a Foot Locker finalist, and could not match Lakeside up front, their depth pulled them through to a 102 – 112 victory over Lakeside.  They were led by the twelfth pace finish of Megan Davis, who ran 19:01 but also had support from  Katherine Dittmann (15th – 19:11) & Heidi Smith (17th – 19:15).

RaynJoy Norton of Burlington-Edison defeated two-time defending champion Emily Pittis of Sehome and her time of17:58 broke the record of Sara Reiter.   Pittis, however led her squad to a repeat team triumph and she was quite fine with that result.  Ellie Rowan-Arnett aided the Sehome cause with her third place time of 18:32 & Ruby Watson chipped in with a sixth place time of 18:47.  

 Sierra Speiker of Oroville defended her crown in 1A/2B with a runaway race, which resulted in 18:20.  That mark was the fastest of her four-year State career, which also included a championship as a freshman.  Her ‘lowest’ finish was a second place as a sophomore, so she departs with an impressive record.   Madison Ward of St. George’s was a distant second with 19:01.   Erin Mullins of Cascade-Leavenworth ran 18:32 to secure a five second margin over Kacey Kemper of King’s.  Hazel Carr of The Northwest School, who placed second the past two years, finished seventh in 19:23. North West Christian-Lacey took  the team title with 45 points & was led by Kiersten  & Anna Brooks, who placed third & fourth in 19:23 & 19:32 respectively.    Lakeside won the 1A crown with 51 points & was led by the sixth & seventh place finish of Jessica Ircink (19:14) &




Westside Classic – at American Lake

Alexa Efraimson of Camas negotiated the hills here with ease and rolled home in a stunning 17:40.   Alexis Fuller of Union ran 18:31 to snare second over Alissa Pudlitzke of Camas, who ran 18:37.  Delaney Tiernan of Tahoma was a somewhat surprising 4th with 18:51 finishing a second ahead of Olympia’s Sofia Kane.   Of Central Kitsap ran 18:58 to take sixth and Brenna Peloquin of Gig Harbor was 7th with 18:59.  Hannah Derby (19:15) & Emily Thomas (19:17) led Bellarmine Prep with their 10th & 11th place finishes to the team title in a close contest with Camas 63 to 65 with Tahoma not all that far back in third with 75 points,

Olympia junior Peter Kesting came in first among the guys with 16:10 and Riley Campbell of Tahoma ran 16:17 for 2nd.   Ben Gilvar Parke of Olympia placed 3rd with 16:20.   Robin Cheema of Kentwood was the first of five runners to be credited with 16:22 and placed 4th.   Gig Harbor, which will be the favorite at State, had their runners saunter the course together and Wolfgang Beck, Tristan Peloquin, Logan Carroll & Mahmoud Moussa finished in tandem.  Riley Hein of Camas broke the Gig string by taking 9th in 16:25 & Quentin Purtzer led a Bellarmine sweep of the next two places with16:26 & was followed by  Will Sherman, who was timed in 16:31.  Gig won with 54 points with Tahoma taking second with 109.  BP was 3rd with 127 & Camas 4th with 151.


 Regional Championship at Spokane

John Dressel of Mt. Spokane took the laurels in 3A with 15:41 to top Tanner Anderson of North Central by four seconds.  Taylor (Kai) Wilmot, also from NC, placed 3rd in 15:52 and Nicholas Hauger of Shadle Park took 4th with 15:59.   Kamiakin swept the next three places with Garrett kraal (16:05) leading Cameron Glade (16:09) & Andrew Snyder (16:12).   North Central answered with Justin Janke (16:18) & Oliver Reed (16:25) garnering 8th & 9th.   Justin Vandenberg of Mt. Spokane ran 16:31 earning tenth.  It looks like it will be a struggle again at State, which will probably come down to the fifth man once again but last Saturday that was clearly in Kamiakin’s favor although they lost 43 to 45.


Lindsey Bradley of Richland was an easy winner with 18:20.  Courtney Cox of Walla Walla was 2nd with 19:06 & Gracie Ledwith of Lewis & Clark took 3rd with 19:29.   Michael Williams of Richland took boys’ honors with 15:59.   Carey Hunter of Central Valley was 2nd in 16:21 & Ian Andres of Gonzaga Prep placed third in 16:24.  CV & Richland tied for boys’ team honors with 34 with CV getting the nod.


Indiana State Meet

It is great seeing everyone race together without water down the talent and it proved most interesting here.   Jackson Bertoli Terre haute South salvaged an injury-plagued season with a come from behind effort of 15:32.   Zachary Panning of Fort Wayne Concordia appeared to have the race sown up until the proverbial bear jumped on his back & he faded to 22nd with a time of 15:59.  Colin Rinne of Westfield also had an off day fallowing in 23rd with 16:01.   Daniel Dalton of Greenwood annexed second with a solid 15:37 & Ellis Coon of Warsaw took 3rd in 15:41.   The state is loaded with talent and Anthony Didion of LaPorte was fourth best on this day with 15:43 finishing a second before Ben Veatch, who led Carmel to the team title with 15:44.   Cooper Williams of West Lafayette shared that time in sixth and Bobby Browning of Carmel ran 15:47 for 7th.   Clayton Bowie of Southport took 8th in 15:48:  the same time credited to Mark Beckmann of DeKalb, who was ninth.   Zack Snider of Brebeuf Jesuit annexed 10th in 15:50 & was credited with the same time as Brian Blaylock of Lowell who was the 11th place finisher.  With twenty-two runners under sixteen minutes the state will be well represented at Kenosha for the Foot Locker Midwest Regional.

With defending state & Foot Locker national champion remaining out with an injury the door was open and Kelcy Welch of Carmel took advantage to triumph in 17:53.  Mackenzie Caldwell made her earn it with her second place time of 17:56 for Columbus North.   Elena Lancioni of LaPorte ran 18:03 to finish ahead of Rachel Nichwitz of Hamilton Southeastern in third.  Taylor Nicholson of Avon was fifth in 18:06 and Madison Woods of Penn ran 18:09 in sixth.  Rounding out the top ten were Abigail Hostetler of Fremont, Jessica King of Hamilton Southeastern, Sarah Billingsley of Oldenburg & Alexandra Dalton of Greenwood.  Sierra lax of Columbus North and Mary Abramson of Avon closed their fine campaigns in 11th & 12th respectively.




Ohio State Meet

With 2012 Foot Locker finalist Nick Ellswick, who has been out for half the season, still listed on the Chardon roster fans had hope of a duel with mark Hadley of Youngstown Boardman but Hadley left all challengers to win in 15;10.   Troy Hardwick of Newark crossed the line with Kyle Mau of Hudson with each earning splits of 15:21, as they took 2nd & 3rd.  Michael Hall & Evan Stifel claimed 4th & 5th for St. Xavier with Dublin Jerome runners Michael Leitch (15:36) & Jake Mandel (15:40) claiming the next two places.   Michael Vitucci of St. X was 8th in 15:42, while Garrett Crichlow of Twinsburg had an off day coming in ninth with 15:44.  Andrew Johnson of Olentangy North garnered tenth in 15:46 & was credited with the same time as Ryan Sullivan of Howland.  

Annie Heffernan of St. Ursula Academy remained undefeated with her mark of 18:13 and defending D1 champion Jacquelyn Crow was relegated to second with 18:26.   Lainey Studebaker of Centerville placed third in 18:30.  The best female time of the day was turned in by Taylor Vernot of Wauseon in D2, when she crossed the finish line in 18:04.  In her wake was defending champion Mary Kate Vaughn of Oakwood, who ran 18:09.   Allison Sinning of Tippecanoe finished 3rd in 18:21.   Brittany Atkinson earn laurels in D3 with 18:31.  

Bobby Johnson of McDonald sped home in 15:45 to top Tristan Dahmen of Maplewood, who ran 16:07.   Matt Bromley of Sheridan was the best in D2 with 16:04.  Joe Bisritz of Chagrin Falls placed 2nd in 16:10 -& had a five second margin over Will Holmes of Springfield Shawnee. 


Tennessee State Meet

The highlight of the day was the AAA division, which saw Foot Locker finalist Aaron Templeton face the Brentwood team led by Alec Thomas.   Templeton ran away with the individual race with 15:10 but Thomas earned second and had the satisfaction of leading his squad to victory in the team race.   Lachlan Dickie of Hardin Valley ran 15:33 to take third with Adam Barnard of Daniel Boone clocking 15:38.  Fifth & sixth went to Brentwood’s Taylor Caldwell (15:40) & Coleman Churitch (15:51).  Wesley Pectol won AA with 15:36 defeating Zach Long of Grainger by eighteen seconds.    Eric Anderson ran 15:52 for Montgomery Bell to win D II-AA with Derek Barnes of McCallie following four seconds later. 

Bailee Dean of Cane Ridge proved she is easily the best in her state with a resounding victory in AAA in 18:08.   Lizzy Kroeger of Independence followed in 18:35.  Nicole Garner of Siegel placed third with 18:40 & Brentwood’s Hannah Caldwell followed in 18:44.   Claudia Smith of Central Magnet ran 18:57 to take AA in D1 and Allison Cheeseman of Brentwood academy was an easy victor in D2 AA with 18:28.  Emma Sloan of Ensworth took 2nd with 18:51.  Peighton Meske of Webb ran 19:11 to score in D2 A with 19:11.


Michigan State Meet

Grant Fisher of Grand Blanc left no doubt here with easily the best time of the day.  His mark of 15:13 won Division I with Brian kettle of Highland-Milford taking 2nd in 15:31.  Ben Hill of Royal Oak (15:31) & Kyle Robinson of Waterford Mott (15:42) & Daniel Kroth of Okemos (15:43) annexed the next two places with Kyle Dotterrer of Traverse City a second back.  Austin Sargent of Cedar Springs topped D2 with 15:42 to earn a six second victory over Mason Van Dyke of Mason. Keenan Rebera of Lansing Catholic was the only D3 under sixteen with his mark of 15:31.

The D1 girls’ race was a barn burner but it was Audrey Belf of Birmingham Seaholm, who crossed the line first in 17:31.  Lauren Brasure of Rockford was a strong second in 17:40 and Valerie Wierenga of Grandville ran 17:57 & seemingly deserved better.   Other runners of note were Ersula Farrow of Grosse Pointe South (7th – 18:12), Ashley Ko of Traverse City (12th – 18:26) & Jessica Goethals of Rochester (20th – 18:33).   Kenzie Weiler of Cedar Springs topped D2 with 17:55 with Jackie Bredenberg of Detroit Country Day following with the same time.   Gina Patterson topped the D3 field with 18:02 to take her second title with Amber Way of Charlevoix right behind in 18:04.   Kirsten Olling of Breckenridge claimed her fourth D4 championship with 17:44 winning almost by a minute to leave no doubt. 

Minnesota State Meet

This is a state, wherein girls are second-class citizens and limited to 4K, while the boys run 5K:  a throwback to the pre-Foot Locker days of the mid- 1970s, so Bethany Hasz winning time of 13:53 has to be read accordingly.  Her sister Megan, also a sophomore from Alexandria, placed second in14:13 & Jenna Truedson of Bemidji was 3rd with 14:19.  Both Anna Van Wyk of Eagan & Emily Betz of East Ridge were credited with 14:30 and Patty O’ Brien of North St. Paul followed in sixth two seconds later.  Emi Trot of Cannon Falls was the best in Class A with 14:40.

Times were brisk up front in the guys’ AA race which Obsa Ali of Richfield won in 15:15.  Despite that mark Connor Olson of Wayzata was only two seconds behind him.    Isaiah Barlow of Hutchinson ran a fine 15:32 yet was a distant third but only a second ahead of Jacob McDermott of Cretin-Derham Hall.  Zach Benning of Hastings came in 5th with15:36.  Keegan Hurley of Perham was the Class A winner with 15:36 and won by fourteen seconds over Shane Streich of Waseca.


Wisconsin State Meet

Olin Hacker of Madison West, whose father Tim raced in the first two Foot Locker races (Kinney at the time when that company from Beaverton made basketball stars rich) triumphed in a time of 15:46.  Ryan Nameth of Verona took 2nd in15:51 with Taylor Floyd-Mews of Wauwatosa West trailing by four seconds.  Trent Powell of River Falls came in 4th with15:58.   The other boys’ division went to Ethan Moehn of Monroe, who ran 15:58 and won by nine seconds over Charlie Stahl of Shorewood.  Tyson Miehe of Darlington claimed his third straight D3 title in 15:57.

Elizabeth Flatley of Brookfield registered the fastest time among females with her 4K time of 14:11.  As usual the second runner in the division would have been a state champion had she raced her 14:20 elsewhere but Jessica Parker of Neenan is credited with second in D1.  Camille Davre placed third with 14:22 and Jennifer Parker of Neenan came in 4thin 14:34.  Morgan Florsheim of Shorewood won D2 in 14:29 earning an eighteen second victory over Amy Davis.   In D3 Delaney Sinnen of Random Lake romped in 14:22 winning by 46 seconds.


Rhode Island State Meet

Emma McMillan of Barrington ran away from her challengers to win decisively in 17:42.  Karina Tavares of LaSalle Academy came in second with 18:01 & Maddy Berkson of Classical took third with 18:04 and had almost a half minute gap over her closest pursuer.

Colin Tierney of Bishop Hendricken led the guys with 15:49.   Jack Salisbury of LaSalle Academy               nipped Michael Potter of Bishop Hendricken, as both shared 5h4 time of 15:54.   The only other runner to break sixteen was David Principe of La Salle, who placed 4th in 15:56.


Connecticut State Meet

Hannah Debalsi of Staples easily scored in the girls’ race with 17:44 with Claire Hewlett of Westhill a distant second in18:11.  It came down to the wire in the guys’ race with Christian Alvarado of Fairfield Prep getting the nod over Trevor Hopper of Ridgefield in 15:31.   Alex Ostberg of Darien took third in 15:38 and was the only other runner under sixteen. 


New Hampshire Meet of Champions

Jeremy Brassard of Coe=Brown tool honors in 15:50 defeating Tim Fafard of Macenic Regional by four-hundredths of a second.  Cameron Daly of Inter-Lakes finished third in 15:58.   Maegan Doody of Oyster River topped the gals with 18:12& Emma Newton of Exeter followed in 18:18.  Third went to Elisabeth Danis of Coe-Brown I 18:20. 


Maine State Championship

Kirsten Sandreuter of Greely took the measure of Aleta Looker of Ellsworth 18:37 to 18:49 in Class B.  Marston Kialeigh scored in Class A.   The boys’ winners were Dan Curts of Ellsworth in B with 16:09 and Josh Horne of Mt. Blue in A with16:43.


West Virginia State Championship

There was no doubt about the best here as both winners dominated their fields.  Mathew Brafford of George Washington ran 15;39 to win by 26 seconds & Amelia Paladino of University zipped home in 17:55 winning by 27 seconds.