The Flyknit Lunar1+ is a new shoe for Nike. Well, it is new, though maybe a bit of a hybrid. With all of the fanfare over the Flyknit Racer and Trainer, the Lunar1’s upper will probably look familiar. It’s knit and shaped in a single process without wasted material. With only a seam at the ankle collar and the Strobel board, there’s little to irritate; not surprisingly, it fit our testers well.

The lacing doesn’t come up as high as usual nor does it permit you to select which eyelets to use, but it securely wraps the foot. The midsole is Lunarlon foam similar to other Lunar shoe configurations; it’s done well here. It’s responsive and nicely cushioned, but the ramp angle-though it’s a couple millimeters lower than typical Nike shoes-feels a bit steep when compared to many of the shoes in this review. On the upside, it’s also better cushioned than many of them. Ultimately, it’s a matter of whether it suits you. The outersole is minimal but sufficient, keeping the weight down and the foot protected.

Testers: “I was impressed with the ride more than the fit (nice
and cushy), and the performance more than the durability (really light and fast). They seem to be worth the price, but I might not buy a second pair.”

New Shoe
Sizes: Men 5–13,14,15; Women 5–12
Weight: 9.6 oz. (men’s size 11); 7.8 oz. (women’s size 8)
Shape: semi- curved
Construction: Strobel slip-lasted, EVA Strobel board
Recommended for: medium- to high-arched feet with neutral biomechanics