It is finally 2019! The new year is here, and most runners have made new goals for themselves that they hope to uphold.

A goal can be something major like, run a half marathon, or something smaller like, decrease your mile time. Whether your goal is large or small, you must work for and accomplish it.


How can I become an accomplished runner this year, you might ask?

To be an accomplished runner, you must put time, effort, and dedication into all your training and races. This year, you can add to the intensity of your training, and make each mile more meaningful. Training should become harder, but hopefully it will allow you to acquire new levels of speed and strength.


This new year, as runners begin to prepare for the upcoming track season; it means pulling out the track spikes, winter workout clothes, and speed training will soon begin again. You can set a goal to win first in your race, shave off a few seconds from your mile time, or try an event you have never done before. Training hard is the key to success. Have you ever heard the saying: practice makes perfect? Well, that can apply to this situation. When you practice hard, you will most likely perform better. Practicing hard is a stepping stone to achieve any goals you set for yourself.


Here are some examples of goals that you can (and will) accomplish in 2019:


-       Run a half marathon

-       Run a faster mile time and pace

-       Win or place at a race

-       Get a personal record in a race

-       Consistently train every week or every day

-       Run hard in training, as well as races

-       Keep a good attitude when a race does not go your way

-       Always have fun


These are just a few examples of goals that you can make to accomplish in 2019.

Let’s make it a successful running year and set goals that we can achieve! With time, effort, and dedication, you can do anything. So, I challenge you to make a goal, and go for it.