Day 1 Women's 400 meters Jessica Beard, Sr., Texas A&M 50.79

(run your race) Coach told me to get out there and don't worry too much about time. Just did what I have been doing all year, using my blocks and using my speed that I've developed over the years, and just finish strong.

The home crowd was great. They were even louder than it was two years ago.

The talk was that I had never won an individual title. I really wanted to go out and win my first title. I wanted to run the best I could and get a PR, I can't ask for more. It was my time.

(set new facility record) I didn't know that. Im even happier about winning. I'm just blessed.

Women's Triple Jump Kimberly Williams, Sr, Florida State 13.96

I am very thankful that I finished the meet healthy. I'm looking forward to competing outdoors.

The mark, I wish it was a little better, but I still came out victorious.

(three time indoor and two-time outdoor champ) By the time I got into my rhythm, it was too late because it was my last jump. I was not early and I got two fouls, so I had to regroup myself and get it together.


Women's 60 Meters Lakya Brookins, SR, South Carolina 7.09

The race was a big blur.

I felt good going in. All I thought about was trying to execute the phases of my face and doing the things I have been doing.

(running here) I like this track. It felt good to run in the same place I won two years ago. I have come to know this track very

Jordan Hasay - 1st place Mile and 3000m

Before my calves were kind of tight but I just relaxed and I got more confident with each lap. The pace was slow at first, so that helped a little.

How did it feel to pass [Villanova DMR miler] at end of the 3k? It was really nice. I just wanted to do it for the team. We had a great battle last night, so, she’s just a great runner.

What about the mile? I’m just so happy for Anne and Zoey and I just love them so much. Anne was great after the race. She was just cooling down with me and comforting me for the 3k. it was just an emotional whirlwind with the DMR last night. Anne and I were real upset about the DMR and we just pumped each other up for today and we were really pleased with the mile. We just wanted to help pull off the team title.

Did you talk before the race about you scoring lots of points to pull off a team title? Ya, we talked about it. We talked about going 1, 2, 3 like the guys did outdoors. 1 through 4 is pretty close so we’re just real excited about it, I still can’t believe it.

How does it feel coming into this meet with no national titles and leaving with two? I don’t know what to say. I’m so like honored that I could do it for Oregon and help us win the team title again and that’s the most important thing. Today I was just bummed about last night and just wanted to come out today and score points.

Mens Weight Throw Walter Henning, Sr. LSU 22.16

“The sixth throw was my best throw. I felt good, but I kept missing my throws. I wasn’t worried about distance – I was worried about points.”

“I felt good, but everyone was kinda glum because no one was throwing good. Sometimes you have bad competitions and this one all 16 of us did.”

“It’s a different feel when you come in here and get a concrete ring. Most of the places have wooden rings. So coming in here, it’s definitely a different feel. It throws peole off.”

(repeat champion) “It’s awesome. I think I was more nervous in the sixth round than I was last year.”

Men's 3000 meters Elliott Heath, Jr. Stanford 8:03.71

(slow time) With a national championship race, it can go either way. This race was a little more tactical. Maybe the setup for that was a lot of runners were coming off an earlier race.

I feel I can respond to different types of races. Going in, if you told me this was the kind of race it would be, I would like it. I feel confident where my kick was at. I wanted to make sure to give myself a chance and be in the right position to kick.

(facility) It's great here. I haven't run at the better indoor facility. The crowd isn't as close at some tracks. But overall it's a great set-up. I don't think any other place can match it.

Jeff Demps, So. Florida, 6.53

(Repeating as NCAA champ) “It feels good for me as an individual, but the best part is working toward a team title. The 10 points will help.”

(running) “The coach just set me aside and told me to run my race.”

“It’s a nice track. It took me a while to adjust to the surface.”

Women pole vault Tina Sutej, Jr. Arkansas 4.45 m

“It wasn’t the best, but it was good. I think today it was more about the winning. I had a great season and I wanted to top it off with a national championship.”

“I was jumping better two weeks ago. It wasn’t that I didn’t have the height – I was bailing on the pole.”

“It’s a pretty fast track here. It’s kinda hard on the legs because it’s stiff. But I like it because it makes you go faster.”

Mens 800 Fred Samoei, Sr. Alabama 1:48.33

“I was planning to win this event. I set back and kicked it in in the last 20 meters.”

“I felt good about my time. It was a good time.”