Destinee Gause, Florida - 1st Place Women’s 4x100


"Before we came to nationals we kind of had it set that we really wanted to win this 4x100. We came out here; we executed the race; we got our hand offs right; so just the fact that we got everything right in our race and we got the win, it feels really good."


Shayla Sanders, Florida - 1st Place Women’s 4x100


"Coming in as freshman it was always us four that everyone always wanted to see in the 4x100. So now that we got the chance to run it, and then win at nationals is just like a really good feeling. We executed everything, hand offs were correct and this is what Florida has been looking for."


Rhianwedd Price, Mississippi State - 1st Place Women’s 1500m Run

“I made a move at 200 to go and she (Shelby Houlihan) covered it straight away, so I thought that was going to be my big move to go past her, and when it didn’t happen I thought maybe it was over. But with 100 meters to go I just tried to kick again and I saw that I was closing and I knew that I could do this.”

“I was just super excited. I saw the line coming closer and closer and I was getting more and more excited.”


Colleen Quigley, Florida State - 1st Place Women’s 3000m Steeple Chase


"I wasn't really sure how fast we were going and I was kind of just going off feel, but it actually felt pretty relaxed for the first mile and people were kind of jostling around a little bit which always means the pace is a little bit slow."


"I hit that last barrier and I just kind of slowed up to make sure. The worst thing you can do is trip on the last barrier so I kind of slowed up there and just went hard home. I could see on the jumbotron that I had it, I just had to cross the line."


"I was just enjoying the last 50. I knew I had it. I was just soaking it up and the crowd was going crazy and it was just really fun."


Raevyn Rogers, Oregon - 1st Place Women’s 800m Run

On Oregon claiming the team championship…
“It feels amazing. I’m so blessed to be a part of this team and to have these great coaches and supporters. Everything has been great.”

“I was so excited because it happened. I prayed about it; I almost threw up twice before my race and I was super nervous, so when it happened I felt really blessed. God has really worked with me this whole year and my coaches and my teammates have been really supportive. It all turned out great and that made me really happy.”


Kendra Harrison, Kentucky - 1st Place Women’s 100m Hurdles, 2nd Place Women’s 400m Hurdles


On deciding between the 100 and 400 meter hurdles…

“I’m not really sure right now. I’d still like to do both. I can get a lot faster in both events, so we’ll see.”


“It’s really amazing. My freshman year I struggled a lot. But coming in as a senior, my confidence was really high and now I’m proud.” 


Dezerea Bryant, Kentucky - 1st Place Women’s 200m Dash


“Coming into this meet we already had a pretty good idea of what we could accomplish, so just going out there and doing it was our main focus.”


“The crowd was amazing. There was a lot of cheering and a lot of noise.”


Jenna Prandini, Oregon - 1st Place Women’s 100m Dash, 2nd Place Women’s 200m Dash

“To come out and win the 100 has always been one of my goals and one of my dreams, so to do it was pretty awesome.”

On her mentality going into the 100…
“My coach just said as long as I’m within striking distance to just trust in my race plan and trusted that in those last 80 meters my top-end speed could catch them.”

On winning the team championship…
“Ever since I’ve been here they’ve been emphasizing that team title in the outdoors. I’ve been here four years-I redshirted my first year-and we’ve never been able to get it, so to come out here and do it in front of this crazy crowd is incredible. I don’t even know how to explain it.”


Keturah Orji, Georgia - 1st Place Women’s Triple Jump


"It's always best to put a good mark out early. It kind of helps the competition get going and the competitors see that they need to push themselves. So I really like to get it out early and make everyone chase."


“I'm really happy with it [her PR] and I also had another jump over 46' 2” so I'm happy about that." 


"I'm really excited. I’m just going to keep working hard and fixing my form. I have to work on my landing still, too so hopefully when I fix all that I can jump farther."


"You never expect to win. There are a lot of good athletes here so you can't ever expect to win, but I knew I was ranked high and I wanted to do well with that."


Shelbi Vaughan, Texas A&M - 1st Place Women’s Discus


On winning back-to-back national championships…

"It's a little bit more exciting. Coming back trying to defend my title is a lot more pressure than it was the first time around not having any pressure behind me, but it's a lot of fun. It's really exciting and I just really appreciate the experience and everything that I have here."


"I just focus on doing my best if not better. And working on staying consistent with what I can do."


Shamier Little, Texas A&M - 1st Place Women’s 400m Hurdles


“I knew it would be windy judging from the past couple of days. But I had adrenaline pumping and I knew that I had to accelerate harder than I usually would. It was like there was no wind and I knew that it would carry me on the homestretch.”


“My coaches always say that the race starts at hurdle eight and that’s where I can hear most of them screaming and cheering me on, so that’s where I really start my race.”


“Fatigue and shock-I had to collapse. It’s just an exciting feeling.”


Jeannelle Scheper, South Carolina - 1st Place Women’s High Jump

“The competition was pretty fierce today and it went a little differently than I thought it would. The track surface was a little bit difficult to overcome and you could see that. It could have gone better, but I came out with the win so that’s as good as it gets I guess.”


Emily Sisson, Providence - 1st Place Women’s 5000m Run


"I got out there in front and I was like, 'Oh, I can do this' so I just kind of ran comfortably and picked it up in the last four laps or so."


"I was hoping to share some of the lead but it didn't turn out that way. But I felt comfortable; I felt strong leading."


Kayla Funderburk, Florida State - 1st Place Women’s 400m Dash

“Coming from lane eight I knew I was running blind so I didn’t have to worry about anyone-just execute how you plan to execute, and it worked.”

“It’s amazing. You always want to do it and you believe in yourself, but until it happens, it’s amazing.”


Robert Johnson, Oregon Head Coach - 1st Place Team

On winning the women’s title…
“We’ve been second in this one for a long time, so for us to finally get one on the 30th anniversary of the ’85 team is pretty special.”

On the importance of this win compared to Indoors and Cross Country…
“We’re a balanced program and we take each championship seriously. We’re not just going to only show up at the track championships, indoor and outdoor; we’re going to compete hard in cross country, we’re going to compete hard in indoors, and we’re 100 percent going to compete hard in outdoors and I think that’s what makes us special.”

On Jenna Prandini…
“She’s phenomenal. To be able to take on the task that we ask her to do coming into this championship is monumental. And then for her to win the 100, get nipped in the long jump and be runner-up in the 200, I wish we had ten more like her.”









Marqueze Washington & Kenzo Cotton, Arkansas - 1st Place Men's 4x100

Marqueze Washington
"We knew we had a chance to win from the start. We just had to come out here and execute"

On the competition...
"I honestly didn't feel anyone around me. I was just running to the finish line."

Kenzo Cotton
"I think we just executed this time. In the prelims we had a little trouble with our handoffs, and this time they were perfect."

On winning as a freshman...
"It was great to win as a freshman and to just be out here in this atmosphere felt really good. I've wanted to be here for a while."

Chad Noelle, Oklahoma State - 1st Place Men’s 1500m

"I'm still in shock. Words are hard to describe. I knew I could do it, but then actually doing it is another thing. And it felt really good to come back and do it at Hayward; first time back."

"I felt pretty confident the farther the race went. And I just knew that I've had every type of race this year; really, really slow and really, really fast. Anything I was ready for."

Anthony Rotich, UTEP - 1st Place Men’s 3000 Steeplechase 

"This one was different. I ran 3/4 of the race by myself; one of my friends fell down. I did not have an option but to lead from the beginning."

"My plan was to stay in the race until the last 800, but when one of my guys fell down, I had to lead it."

Edward Kemboi, Iowa State - 1st Place Men’s 800m 

"I don't get nervous. I knew in 800 meter races, the last 100 is going to open up-no matter what, it has to open up. I was just paying attention, being focused and staying relaxed."

"I was surprised that he (Brandon McBride) took the lead at the beginning. I was like, 'What's going on here?' He just took a lead. I was like, 'Okay, this is not going to happen again. It's time to go.’”

Michael Stigler, Kansas - 1st Place Men’s 400m Hurdles

"It shows I've put in more dedication and more mental focus into my racing and it paid off here today."

"The key was definitely to stay within myself and not let the field play a factor into my race because usually I pay attention to the field, but this year I spent more time focusing on myself. I knew if I executed my race that my best race would be put together on the day that it matters."

Sam Mattis, Penn - 1st Place Men’s Discus

“I came in feeling really good. I had a bunch of decent practices leading up to the meet and I knew it was in me. The whole series was really the best series of the season for me.”

“I knew it was going to be far. I was hoping it would be a little farther than what was winning, and it was.”

Marquis Dendy, Florida - 1st Place Men's Triple Jump

"I came in with the mentality that if I came out with a big jump at the beginning that I would be able to just sit comfortably and build from there."

"I didn't foul, and that’s a good thing. I kept progressing; I had a couple of ups and downs in my phases and kind of standing up tall, but nonetheless I'm happy."

On repeating in the triple and long jump...
"It means a lot. Like they keep telling me, I'm one of the greatest doublers and I'm trying to keep that mentality."

Andre De Grasse, USC - 1st Place 100 and 200 meter

On crossing the line in the 100...
"Honestly, I didn't even know where I was in the race I just kept doing what my coach told me to do and just leaned at the end."

On going into the 200 after the 100...
"I just believed in myself. Adrenaline still going and just kept pushing it."

On breaking records in both events...
"It was just an unbelievable feeling. I never thought that I could run that fast but I just have to believe in myself and now that I've run that fast it’s just changed my whole perspective on running."

On team mindset coming into the championship...
"I just wanted to come out here and run. Contribute some points to my team and try and win a championship."

Edward Cheserek, Oregon - 1st Place Men’s 5000m

“My plan was just to look around, stay in a place and make a move towards the end.”

On if the race went as he expected…
“Yes, it really did. I was ready for it. But whatever happens, happens.”

Eric Jenkins, Oregon - 2nd Place Men’s 5000m

“It was kind of a back-and-forth race, at least for me. I did a good job getting to the front and sticking there. That last lap, I ran out of steam.”

“This training group, I kind of took it for granted. But you look back on it and realize how special it is.”

Omar McLeod, Arkansas - 1st Place Men’s 110 Meter Hurdles

“This win actually meant a lot more than indoors, even though I broke the collegiate record in indoors. I’m from Jamaica and Jamaica is all outdoors, so my entire life I’ve been doing outdoors.”

“We were ranked 6th coming in, so all in all it was a great effort from everybody. Everyone played their role and stepped up big time. I’m really proud of my teammates.”

Jacorian Duffield, Texas Tech - 1st Place Men’s High Jump

"It's truly a blessing. To come out and train with a partner like Bradley, pushing me day-in-and-day-out in the weight room from sprints to jumping, for him to be my training partner I definitely attribute a lot of my success to him and God."

Vernon Norwood, LSU - Anchor of 1st Place Men’s 4x400 team

"It all started with Quincy at the lead off, he got to Fitzroy, did what he was supposed to do, got it to Cyril he did what he need to do, and my job was just to finish first."

Vernon Norwood, LSU - 1st Place Men’s 400m

On running two races so close to one another…
"Just to be ready for these type of moments, back to back races, you prepare all year. It’s not that big of a change for me."

How it felt to get 20 points for his team…
"It felt great; showed the hard work I put in with these guys"

Robert Johnson, Oregon Head Coach - 1st Place Men’s Team

"Great day for the Ducks, great day to be a Duck, great day for all Duckies. Unbelievable performance. We thought heading into the day that if we could get to seventy-plus that would be enough to make sure we were happy in the end, and we just got on a roll there. Johnathan in the hurdles, Marcus in the four [400m] and those guys in the 5k; can't ask for more than that."

On what this means in the program’s history...
"When you start to compare anything with what we've done in the past it’s pretty special. This is a pretty special place as far as history, tradition and legacy go."

On performance of supporting cast...
“Marcus and Johnathan both had huge points. Will getting fourth in the 5k, those are super studs for us and for them to be part of what we are doing here and being special is important for us."